Awkward comeback!

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I’m finally back in my apartment now (thanks for wishing me luck!). Everything is a mess here, as I left for London in a big hurry. The most embarrassing part though, is that the electrician has been here and fixed some cables while I was away. I completely forgot I had signed the paper which allowed him to enter my apartment when I wasn’t here! The awkward part is that I had my underwear spread all over the place  and some even more private stuff were lying on the night stand! He only left a note on my door, which said: “Was here, cables fine”. Now I don’t know how I should feel about myself really!

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11 Responses to Awkward comeback!

  1. Nina says:

    It’s my first comment here, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’m finding it very nice and unique. I like it very much! And I’m glad you came back safely. As for the mess in your apartment, don’t worry, it happened to me too and after a short while I started to feel alright because I realised that I won’t see the cable man again =)

    • Antonia says:

      Hi, Nina! I’m glad you like my blog and thank you for taking your time to say it! I’m starting to feel a little better about myself, and I’m trying to imagine how many other (more) horrible things he must have seen in people’s apartments! I do hope I’ll never meet him though=)

  2. Sasha says:

    S vozvrasheniem :)

  3. Patricia says:

    He probably has seen worse, but we’re all human, Antonia! LoL! I once had a handyman come in while I was there-showering-and I had to shoo him out because he just stood there while I yelled at him! Talk about an invasion of privacy! Thankfully, I don’t live there anymore! And, glad you got home safely! :)

    • Antonia says:

      Hahaha=D=D This made me laugh, thanks=) I just see it very clearly in my head, how he’s taking the chance to see you showering and enjoy the view while you’re helplessly trying to get him out of there=))
      And thank you<3

      • Patricia says:

        That’s what my bf said, but I didn’t find it very funny, rather it creeped me out! (The handyman was creepy anyway!) I can see how it might sound funny, but unfortunately for me, it wasn’t. :)

  4. Laura C. says:

    Ohhhhh, something similar happened to me this week! Im moving soon and my landlord sent someone to do the exit inspection (to make sure I havent broken anything)…..eventhough I got it changed for next week! My underwear was all over my room! Arg! Been there….it’s sooooo awkward to know someone’s been in your home…..

  5. Leia says:

    HAHA! Hopefully he politely ignored the private stuff!

  6. Lotta says:

    Welcome Home! Funny story =), I bet the cable man told everyone at work about your underwear…don`t feel bad, you`re never going to see this man again!
    Love Lotta

  7. Sorella says:

    Hahaha, så pinsamt ^_^. Jag var tvungen att springa hem från lunch i skolan för några år sen, då jag var tvungen att släppa in en reparatör kille. Jag hade frenetiskt städat dagen innan, men jag kände mig oerhört löjlig och visste inte riktigt vad jag skulle göra då han kollade in sladdarna och uttaget i mitt rum. Hela min lägenhet var pyttelite så det fanns inte nånstans jag kunde gå.

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