August 30

A friend

Now I’m going back to my studies. This summer has been great, one of the best ones so far! Although it was extremely short, I had the time to do a lot of fun things with my friends. I looking forward to going through my summer posts maybe some time in November, when Sweden is cold and dark, and remember all the things I’ve done.
Of course, I hope all of you had a good summer, and I’m glad to see that Swedish Love Affair is getting new followers again!

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2 Responses to August 30

  1. Sephira says:

    I had a short summer too or well.. vacation.
    I’m looking forward to start studying though. How many years do you have left? :)

    xx Seph

  2. Heba says:

    oh I can’t wait for summer to end, it’s too hot in here

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