Another brick in the wall

red coat noa noa brick wall swedish love affairThis is how I look today. It’s been incredibly sunny today, but also really really cold. After spending 20 minutes outside I had a feeling my nose was about to fall out! Still, I had to wear sunglasses.

I’m wearing my red coat from Noa Noa, scarf by Weekday and gray Wolford tights with white cashmere over-knees I got from my mum. The bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs, but you know that by now. That’s it!

red coat noa noa brick wall swedish love affairred coat noa noa brick wall swedish love affair

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4 Responses to Another brick in the wall

  1. Kiran says:

    I came to your blog on Leia’s recommendation. And I must thank her for it. Love your blog. You will see me more often now.

  2. jill says:

    You look stunning=) I wonder, what do you wear for sun protection in winter-time? I know many who don’t think they need it, because they don’t feel warm, but the sun rays are just as damaging in winter as in summer. I use Clarins HydraQuench Cream everyday. It has SPF 15, which my dermatologist tells me is minimum. It’s a bit too heavy for everyday use, though. Do you have any tips?
    And I also wear sunglasses, it is also very good for sun protection!
    Stay excellent!

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