Ankle bracelet by Pilgrim. How would you wear it?

Ankle bracelet by Pilgrim. How would you wear it?

Ankle bracelet by Pilgrim. How would you wear it?

I’ve mentioned here that I’d never wear an ankle bracelet. However, yesterday mum gave me two early Christmas presets: two pieces by the Danish Pilgrim. One of them is a key ring and the other one is… an ankle bracelet! She knows my opinion on those, but she thought it was a bracelet when she bought it.

I like the design a lot, but I’m trying to think of other ways to use it. It’s too large to be used as a bracelet and too short to be a necklace.

How would you use it?

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9 Responses to Ankle bracelet by Pilgrim. How would you wear it?

  1. Meredith says:

    Why don’t you like ankle bracelets?

  2. Pırpır says:

    Find a similar necklace chain and add it to your anklet. That way you can wear it as a necklace. :)

  3. Kelly says:

    Usually, I’m not keen on ankle bracelets either, but I like this one! I would definitely wear it :) Start by wearing it at home to get more comfortable!
    If it still doesn’t feel alright, I guess you could make a necklace out of it

  4. Dani says:

    I’d just use it! It looks beautiful, and you’ll get used to it in no time, believe me :)

  5. jill says:

    It’s a really pretty ankle bracelet! I’d like to see you wear it :)

  6. janerowena says:

    I think you have to be careful what you wear them with, then they can look ok, but I don’t like them either. Somehow they remind me of slave anklets. I think I would hang on to it and give it to someone else as a present!

  7. Danielle says:

    How about a collar for Greger?

  8. Araceli Estrada says:

    How about adding it to a purse as an accessory? Maybe hanging on a handle with a scarf or just on it’s own.

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