And it smells divine!

I’ve already mentioned that I could eat watermelon all day, and wouldn’t need much else. What I also like about it is that there aren’t any ways to cook it (as far as I know, but I might be wrong), so you can only eat it raw. It really appeals to me, as I’m very lazy sometimes!

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  1. Sabina says:

    I’ve heard that you can barbecue watermelon. It was mentioned in some blog I read. Haven’t tried it though.

  2. jill says:

    Looks great! I love watermelon whenever I get to eat it, but I never ever buy it. It’s just too heavy for me to carry home!

  3. Nina says:

    We’re on the same page about watermelon, I love it to pieces and like you, could eat all day every day :) But I’m really lazy about cutting it :/

    • Antonia says:

      This means you’re even more lazy than me!:))
      I’d love to live somewhere where there are watermelons all year round. Not that they grow them in Sweden, but you can only buy them here in the summer.

  4. It’s funny I had never thought about it. You’re right! I don’t know any recipe with watermelon (well apart from mixing for a fruit salad but it’s not actually “cooking” it)
    My favoirte way to it is with Chilli/lime Powder… I’m from Mexico and we tend to mix this sort of fruits (watermelon, orange, green apple, mango, etc) with it, and the taste is fun and amazing!!
    Some people would probably not like it since it’s a bit tangy but now that I live in France I realize that us mexicans dig sour & spicy food way more than most people from other nationalities ^^ everyone stares at me with a blank face when they see my “mixes” of food :P
    Maybe you can taste it some day :)

    • Antonia says:

      Thanks, Ylenia! I must try it. Can you instruct me more? I just googled this chili/lime powder, I can see that it’s a Mexican spice. So if I can find it here, should I just pour it over the watermelon and eat? I’m feeling so adventurous:)

  5. Ellen says:

    Cute blog! Like it :)

  6. It is fantastic as a cocktail. There are a variety of recipes and just add mint. Or you can toss a little salt on it while eating it raw. That’s fun too!

  7. Anna Ankona says:

    Про приготовление не слышала, но знаю, что его как огурцы маринуют и едят земой.
    А еще у нас в Казахстане некоторые раньше ели его с хлебом. =)

    • Antonia says:

      да-да, точно! Помню, когда-то на полках магазинов видела трехлитровые банки с арбузом. Это из раннего детства. А вот мой дедушка, и правда, иногда ест арбуз с хлебом и с сахаром:)

  8. xxxxx says:

    watermelon in my heart! Ultimate beach fruit, ftw! :)

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