An unusual morning

early dawn power walking in sweden swedish love affair

I borrowed Hannes jacket to be able to put on more sweaters underneath.

Good morning!

Ok, guys, I woke up really early today as I’ve decided to start power-walking. I hate running and jogging, so a friend advised me this alternative. It’s really cold outside, but I try to see it more as refreshing and invigorating. But it’s been pretty good, I had some music and a coffee with me (is that wrong, to bring coffee when power-walking?).
It was still a little dark when I went from home. It’s surprising how long you can get in just 40 minutes! I came out in the fields, with horses, where you could actually see the horizon. That’s pretty amazing for a city girl.

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4 Responses to An unusual morning

  1. Patricia says:

    I have actually heard that having coffee before a workout actually helps. :)

  2. Nina says:

    Wow, we are the early birds this morning I guess. I woke up really early too, interestingly, and had a nice coffee to prepare myself for the day. I think I’m ready now =) Well, good morning!

  3. Leia says:

    Wow! Well done for starting exercise. I used to hate jogging, too, but I consulted a personal trainer yesterday and he told me that I had the same problem that 7/10 women have: bow leggedness (as a result of wider hips) and less developed muscles in the legs from not being athletic while growing up. I’m doing leg strengthening now and he says that my relationship with jogging will change once I’m not in severe pain afterwards!

    As for coffee… I think it would be better to have an apple :P

  4. jill says:

    Good for you, Antonia!
    I’m completely free today, so I slept until 11. I feel extremely lazy compared to you, who got up before sunrise=)
    Anyway, drinking coffee before / during / after exercise can be good for the results! The caffeine makes your blood flow a bit more and you get more stamina. So if you drink it before or during the workout, the effect should be that you can go a bit further or faster than you would have otherwise. Drinking coffee afterwards can help to prolong that healthy high activity your body has during the actual workout.
    Most important, however, is that you are enjoying yourself while power-walking! And if coffee helps you to do that, why stop?

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