All-you-can-eat pastry buffet in Stockholm

Yesterday we were to one of those all-you-can-eat cookie and pastry buffets. Of course, I could only eat two or maybe three pieces, but here you can see some of the things you could choose from!

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  1. jill says:

    Looks fantastic! I bet some ppl ate a lot more than two or three pieces =D

  2. Ana_ILTdP says:

    Really??? A sweet all you can eat?? Omg, that’s my paradise! I so love it! And you say “one of those”, is that normal in Sweden?
    When I went to Japan I tried a help yourself pastry shop, but each item had a individual price.
    Please, would you mind to tell us the address of that place or names, I must go to one (or two) when I visit Sweden :)

    • Antonia says:

      When are you coming to Sweden, Ana? :)
      It’s not that common, but I know a few places that has this kind of offer. In Stockholm they have it at a restaurant called Berns. If you ever go to Gothenburg, the café / restaurant SOHO has a really nice all-you-can-eat buffet of desserts.

  3. nikskie says:

    what else could be more fun than this???
    oh…i’m officially jealous now,haha.they are so tempting

  4. Araceli says:

    I’ll have one of everything ;-)

  5. Librafleur says:

    Why don’t we have this kind of place here in Paris !! :o ( I want an all you can eat pastry too!!!! Maybe could I open one :p



  6. Annie says:

    How are people in Sweden not obese? It’s a good thing I don’t have access to an all you can eat cookie shop!

  7. Goodness! Danger, danger! ^^

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