All roads lead to Rome

colosseum swedish love affair
Yesterday I went to a thrift store with my family. One of my favorite finds was this watercolor painting of the Colosseum in Rome. If you didn’t know it already, Rome is my home away from home, and il Colosseo is one of my places of work there. Another one is the Vatican Museums.
I can’t stop daydreaming about going back there with this painting hanging on my wall.

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4 Responses to All roads lead to Rome

  1. raffaella says:

    Oh but fortunately the picture doesn’t reflect the terrific traffic jams which are usually around that spot. Anyway, you just have to take one of the roads that lead to my city and here you are, it’s easy! Just try! baci da roma e buon anno!

  2. jill says:

    Lovely painting, and you have to tell us more about your life in Rome! :) Sounds fascinating!

  3. Arantxa says:

    “Todos los caminos llevan a Roma” (Spanish version)

    I love that phrase! I have a friend living there for a year, she never stops telling me that I have to travel to see her soon. Most likely when I save some will visit the eternal city:)

  4. Araceli Estrada says:

    I hope to go there someday soon. Roma, I can’t wait to experience her.

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