Acceptable in the 90′s

I love wearing this vintage maxi dress in these green surroundings! It feels right, and somehow it feels a little 90′s. I’m so much into 90′s right now!

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9 Responses to Acceptable in the 90′s

  1. Leia says:

    That is such a beautiful dress!

  2. Susan says:

    Wow, that dress is pretty! Incredibly pretty

  3. jill says:

    you look gorgeous! Beautiful pictures!!

  4. Nina says:

    I don’t know why but the first and last picture of you reminded me of MJ’s “Remember the Time” =) Not the video though, the song itself. I think if you were wearing this dress in a video, the background music would be this =)

  5. Ginger says:

    This is definitely the summer dress !!! 90′s are amazing don’t you think so???

    My summer is gonna be coral, dotted and floral… take a look at my last post and feel free to suggest !! ;)

  6. Julie says:

    So beautiful!

  7. Natasha says:

    I don’t think the 90′s can be qualified as vintage yet…!? Is it not the definition of “vintage” 30 years old?
    Anyway I always disliked the 90′s fashion…:-)

    • Antonia says:

      This dress is not from the 90′s, it’s been recently sewn from a piece of vintage fabric to be precise. The 90′s fashion is awesome!

  8. Emma says:

    Super snygg jag skulle också vilja ha en sådan :D

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