About the cats

Many of you have asked me about what happened with the cat family outside my apartment. Well, I can report that the story got a happy ending!

I put up posts online and around the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing or would take care of the cats, much like I did in Gothenburg last summer.
As I told you, these cats were very apprehensive about coming inside, even though it was at least minus ten degrees outside. During the night I let the balcony door stand open and placed some food and water to lure the cats inside.
And it worked! When I woke up next morning, the cats were lying together by a radiator. As soon as the cats saw me, however, they ran away and hid, hissing and spitting at me. I knew that nobody would be interested in taking care of such a non-social family of cats, so I skipped school to stay with them all day and teach them how to get along with people. I let them eat food from my hand and sat patiently, waiting for them to come to me themselves. It got better and better, and when Hannes came home that evening, the cats were unrecognizable – cute and cuddly instead of scary and terrified. He brought good news as well: he had found someone who wanted to take care of the cats. I had been worried about having to split the family up, but this guy wanted all three. He came to get them that evening. He e-mailed me yesterday, saying that they had settled in nicely at his place. I’m so relieved.

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16 Responses to About the cats

  1. Summer says:

    Hi Antonia! I have followed your blog for awhile, and I just love it! I have never commented before, but this picture looks so much like my sweet cat, Lulu, and so I just had to say thank you for taking in this little feline family and making sure they found a home. You have such a huge heart!

  2. Nicki says:

    You are just a nice person!

  3. Дарья says:

    Хорошо, что все так благополучно решилось! Я котофанат, и мне всегда всех жалко, особенно голодных и замерзающих. Ты молодец, что их спасла, пожимаю руку:)

  4. Pırpır says:

    Such lovely news! If you had tried to do that in İstanbul, it would be like a mission impossible. :/ There are just too many cats. :/

  5. araceli says:

    I love happy endings! I am so happy that all your hard work got these cuties a home.

  6. Какая добрая история! Прямо-таки рассказ получился! Вы большие молодцы, что приютили котов!))

  7. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful story! My heart is melting :)

  8. A lot of animals on your blog now :D . That’s good, animals are so cuddly and cute :P .

    It’s nice to see you care, some people would not care at all. Just like when people get a pet only fort he summer and then leave it somewhere :( .

    This story makes me really happy by the way :D . Anything with cats just makes me smiley but it sounds so cute that they were scared at first and then warmed up!

  9. Leia says:

    I’m so happy they found a nice home!

  10. NeenaJ says:

    How wonderful for the cat family! We’ve found other people’s lost cats and have been worried sick to find their owners, plastering the neighborhood with flyers and feeding/watering them until the owner finally came around. It’s very stressful.

  11. Monica says:

    Yay! <3

  12. What a great heartwarming story! Such good timing that you stayed home with them and got them to warm up to people. Good job!

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