A rainbow to go

Hannes got home with these for me today. They’re all in different flavors, but he’s forgotten which one is which. So I’m tasting them all and testing my palate at the same time:)

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10 Responses to A rainbow to go

  1. Stills says:

    Love these cookies!

  2. Annie says:

    Lucky woman! We all need a man who brings macaroons home to his girl :) Maybe Hannes can start a boyfriend training school.

  3. Maggie says:

    Beautiful! Macarons are some of my favorite things to eat! Sadly, they are impossible to find where I live. :(

  4. janerowena says:

    So, what did your palate tell you? Did they all taste the same or could you tell what they were meant to be? They look wonderful – and I can’t make them either! Not as neat as that, anyway.

  5. janerowena says:

    Your English is excellent, it doesn’t need much correcting.

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