5th Avenue edp by Elizabeth Arden review

5th Avenue edp by Elizabeth Arden perfume swedish love affair

5th Avenue edp by Elizabeth Arden

When it comes to perfume and fragrances I usually prefer unique scents with a story and a name behind. This is why I have walked over and completely converted to selective and niche perfumery during the last couple of years. I’ll be making a post (or maybe even a few) about selective perfumes where I’ll explain why they’re the real perfumes compared to regular high-end and designer scents. I never buy those anymore.

However, I still get regular fragrances as presents. My godmother has given me 5th Avenue edp by Elizabeth Arden. I have quite a bad experience with Elizabeth Arden perfumes – I find most of them have a simple “flat” scent and a bad staying power. 5th Avenue was a nice surprise. I tried it and the staying power was great, and so was the complexity of it (at least, for a perfume of this range). I have a pretty good “nose” when it comes to scents and I can smell citric notes, like mandarin or lime, amber and sandal. A little spicy and grown-up. After wearing it a couple of hours I can mostly feel the flowers – rose, some white flowers like magnolia or lily or jasmine. This makes the perfume quite feminine, mild and not overpowering. Musk is listed as one of the top notes, but I can’t smell it, even though I’m very much into musky perfumes.

Overall, 5th Avenue is a nice perfume. Not the sexiest I own (it’s positioned as seductive and sexy), but definitely likable and lady-like. Men like it and women do too. I got three compliments wearing it yesterday.

5th Avenue edp by Elizabeth Arden perfume swedish love affairtrees and sky contrast swedish love affair5th Avenue edp by Elizabeth Arden perfume swedish love affair

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9 Responses to 5th Avenue edp by Elizabeth Arden review

  1. Patricia says:

    I prefer musky scents too!

  2. Marta says:

    I’m looking forward to your posts about real perfumes! I love how informative your blog is.

  3. Joanna says:

    I’ve never had a good “nose” for perfumes so I always bring someone that I trust to help me. Or, if I’m on my own, I usually go for their best sellers. Can’t go too wrong with that, can you? =) I’m currently wearing Amor Amor by Cacharel, and I hear that it’s a lovely scent for me!

  4. Lisa says:

    That’s a very nice present to get, I’m so jealous of you, Antonia! But I’m also happy for you=)

  5. Katie L says:

    You’re so knowledgeable! I like how you manage to describe the different perfumes, you should write for a perfume magazine=) Or just a perfume column in any magazine. Looking forward to hearing about those “real” perfumes!

  6. Georgia S says:

    I get curious about your bad experiences with Elizabeth Arden perfumes! I love all of them, especially Red Door and Green Tea!

  7. Elizabeth Wong says:

    Wow… you really have a good ‘nose’ and I agree with what you describe this EDP. ^^

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