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On moving and the new apartment

These days, every time I’m away from the Internet for a couple of days or not answering my phone, people assume that I’m busy giving birth. So far it’s never been the case though!
The thing is that Hannes and I have been moving from our old place to a new larger apartment. Of course, moving is always exhausting, but luckily we got a lot of help from our friends, who did most of the packing and carrying. As always, I don’t know how we would manage without them.
Now all the boxes and sacks are here, and the only thing left is to find a place for everything. So far, we’ve managed to make the bedroom livable. And of course, the most important room of the apartment, the kitchen, has come together too. Today I celebrated by making the first cooked dinner and chocolate truffles. Also, I’ve tried out the new oven by baking bread. So far so good!


Center of attention

new year 2013 party swedish love affair
Because of my pregnancy, I was very much the center of attention at the New Year’s party. There were about a hundred people there, most of whom I know from my high school days.
Practically everyone there had heard that I was expecting, but most people hadn’t met me in person. So everyone kept glancing at my tummy and I got many questions about how I felt, when the big date is, is it a boy or girl. Almost always when I tell people that I’m expecting in about six weeks, they respond with disbelief. Looking at some photos from the party, I can’t really blame them.

antonia at new year's eve party swedish love affair