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Visiting a baby store

Recently we were to one of those baby stores. Now that the baby could come any day, it feels like it’s time to get him some stuff. Now, the store was absolutely huge! I didn’t even realize how much stuff one tiny little person might need!
Anyway, we bought quite a lot of things there, like first toys, a sleeping bag, a device for carrying the baby, a nice stroller bag, a pretty advanced nursing bra for the mum, a tiny baby bathtub and more. I can’t wait to show you all the stuff! However, we still need to buy a car seat for the baby, so we can actually take a drive from the hospital when it’s time to!


Lemon tea and Lime Crime

Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather during this week. I think I’m having a common flu, at least all the classic symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, coughing and headache are there. Due to my pregnancy, there are not really that many medicines I can take to help and improve my state, so I’ve been mostly staying in bed drinking hot lemon tea and reading.
I’m trying to take it as easy as I can in order not to urge the baby to come out. After all, there are supposed to be at least two weeks left before the date, and the last thing I want is to give birth to someone while being ill!

Anyway, one thing that made me really excited is getting a package from Lime Crime. Just the look of their stuff would brighten up anyone’s day! Can’t wait to get better and try out all this gorgeousness, so stay tuned for swatches, looks and reviews!



Pregnant activities: Sewing and playing Caesar III

This late into the pregnancy, I’ve become somewhat less active than I’m used to.

These days, I spend a lot of time on my hobbies. For instance, I sew a lot for the baby and myself, which is really fun. I also listen to music more than I’ve had time to in a long time. I’m certain that my son hears the songs well now that he’s pretty much fully formed.

I’ve also rediscovered an old favorite past-time of mine – the classic PC game Caesar III. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a strategy game from 1998. The game is set in Roman antiquity, and the player assumes the role of one of Caesar’s governors. The goal is to expand the Roman Empire by founding new cities and making them prosper. To do this, you have to handle politics, economics, trade, military conflicts, religious concerns and more. It may sound like a lot to keep track on, and it is. This is a pretty difficult game, even on the easiest difficulty level. I never feel confident about my city until I get congratulated by Caesar on satisfying his expectations.
Even though the game is 15 years old, its timeless artistic style is so well implemented that the graphics are still nice to look at today.

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Glass nail files and nail polish swatch of Enigma Green 416 by Kiko Milano

Lately I’ve been very much into light blue and turquoise. Maybe because I’ve been shopping for my baby boy so much? I buy things in different colors for him, of course, but I must admit there are a lot of shades of blue included there, too.

Glass nail files with Swarovski crystals and zodiacs by Mont Blue

Glass nail files with Swarovski crystals and zodiacs by Mont Bleu

This is why getting a package with these glass nail files from Mont Bleu made me extra happy this time around. I’ve raved about glass nail files before (read here!), and I could go on about their advantages forever. And by the way, the glass nail files by Mont Bleu are honestly the best ones I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried many. And how cute are those tiny Swarovski crystal incrustations (Mont Bleu is a Czech company located in Prague, this is why the Swarovski crystals really make sense here)!

As a bonus, I also got these adorable stud earrings with multicolored crystals. They kind of shift colors depending on the angle of observation.

Swatch of Enigma Green 416 nail polish by Kiko Milano

Swatch of Enigma Green 416 nail polish by Kiko Milano

Of course, I just had to do a manicure using my new glass nail files! Here’s a swatch of Enigma Green 416 by Kiko Milano. I would describe this one as a dusty teal or turquoise.

Make-up bag made with Tilda fabric

Make-up bag made with Tilda fabric

And here you can see a make-up bag I made yesterday using some Tilda fabric. Right now I’m learning how to sew in a zipper in the best way, so this is why I produce a lot of this kind of bags almost daily!


Statistics about parenthood and family trends in Sweden

This graph is from Statistics Sweden, and shows the average age at which Swedes become mothers (orange line) and fathers (blue line).

I get a lot of questions about family trends in Sweden, and I’ll try to answer some of them them in this post.

In Sweden the trend is that people are putting off starting a family for longer and longer. 40 years ago the average age to start a family in Sweden was 24 for women and 26 for men. Today the average is 29 for women and 32 for men, and more and more women are over 40 when they have their first child. Both Hannes and I will be 24 when we become parents, so we’re considered to be pretty young. Last week we were to a parenthood meeting for the couples who are going to become parents in February 2013 (there were about twenty couples), and needless to say, we were the youngest couple by far.

I’m the first of all my close friends to have a baby, and I don’t have many friends of friends that are parents, either. In general, Swedes today want to get different things down before they settle down and start a family. For many people that means graduating from college, getting their career going and finding a home where they can see themselves stay for many years (many of my friends of my age, however, say that they hope to start a family at 27. I guess, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in three years!).

This seems to be a trend in Europe as a whole. UK women wait the longest; on average they become mothers at 30.


My Christmas presents and ornaments

I told you about my new strategy when it comes to shopping for Christmas ornaments. Here are some of the things I bought. I really like the owls! I know Christmas is over and everything, but these are so pretty.

And these look like pumpkins! They’re pretty large, maybe the size of a tea cup.

Here are some of the smaller presents I got for Christmas. I’ll show you more as soon as I get my apartment in order, so I can find all the stuff.

This is a heart-shaped pin cushion I made yesterday. Good for any sewing kit!


Profiteroles and ultrasound experience

Some photos from today. Here you can see my first attempt at choux pastry. A friend has shown me how to make French éclairs, and it turned out to be pretty easy! As you can see here, I succeeded at my first attempt. However, I ended up making the savoury version (filled with salmon, Edamer cheese, eggs, dill and finely chopped red onion. Everything on a base of crème fraîche).

I made some sweet ones of what was left, too.

However, Greger managed to steal one while I answered the phone (he’s very fast like that). Here’s his guilty look.

Also, today we were to the last ultrasound session before actually meeting the baby. It’s really fun and somehow it feels unreal seeing a person inside of you like that. It also feels just like being a part of one of those movie scenes where other couples are doing ultrasound.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to make out things on the monitor, even though the nurse tells you what you’re looking at. I could definitely see the head of the baby and the face, and I also saw that it’s a boy very clearly. When she was showing us his legs and feet, though, it all looked like a black and white mess to me, and I had to pretend I saw what she was talking about, because I didn’t want to seem like a bad mother. Here above you can see his head in profile (he’s sort of lying on his back). To me, he looks like his father already!