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Great Paris tips: Coffee break in the Galeries Lafayette café

Here’s another top tip for visiting Paris. It’s actually one of my favorites, and it’s basically free! On the third level of Galeries Lafayette, the most famous department store in Paris, there’s a really nice café where you can get an excellent view from their balcony.
Even if your travel budget doesn’t allow you to shop at the upmarket stores in the galleria, everyone can afford to have an espresso at this café and enjoy the atmosphere there.

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Shopping for next Christmas

christmas balls ornaments baubles swedish love affair owls
I almost don’t have any Christmas ornaments in my own apartment, since I’ve always spent Christmas at my parents’ place. Next year, however, I plan on changing this tradition and decorate my apartment in classic Christmas-fashion so that my son gets introduced to it at an early age.

Now that Christmas is over, there is hardly any demand for Christmas ornaments, so they’re all heavily discounted. I’m taking advantage of this situation to shop for pretty things for next year. This is a good deal both for me and for the environment, since much of these items would either have been thrown away or reshipped and repackaged for low-cost stores. I know people who usually buys their Christmas cards this way, but this is the first time I actually got around to test this strategy.

christmas balls ornaments baubles swedish love affair poodles
christmas balls ornaments baubles swedish love affair peacock


Celebrating lots of Christmasses

Over the last few days, I’ve been to several Christmas celebrations. I’ve been with my family, with Hannes’ mum’s and dad’s families. This has meant lots of Christmas food and many presents.

As expected, we got some new baby clothes and gift cards to a baby shop. Tomorrow I’m going to visit this shop and see if I can find something on the boxing day sale.
I’d love to hear what you got!


Merry Christmas is God jul in Swedish

Merry Christmas everyone! We had a pretty hectic Christmas Eve, so unfortunately I didn’t have the time to make a post yesterday, even though that’s when we actually celebrate Christmas in Sweden. But of course many of you celebrate today, on the 25th, so here’s my favorite Christmas photo this year.
My mum dressed up our dog as Santa. Merry Christmas!!

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Paris tips: Second hand shopping at Guerrisol

Paris tips: Second hand shopping at Guerrisol

Paris tips: Second hand shopping at Guerrisol

Here’s another great tip for when visiting Paris – second hand shopping at Guerrisol. It’s a chain of thrift stores, and they are an absolute must. Prices range from 1 Euro to 30 Euro (most things are 3 or 5 Euro, though). I noticed that Guerrisol is really popular among the locals!
Most of the clothes are in decent shape, but they are all piled up and not very well sorted, which means that these stores are best suited for you if you’re one of those people who enjoys the sport of digging through heaps of clothes to find that unique, Parisian vintage blouse or skirt.
Guerrisol has special outlets for men’s wear and kids wear as well.

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Last minute Christmas gift ideas

- Digital gift certificates, such as Itunes gift card (the receiver will be able to choose any game, or book, or album there), Asos or Amazon credit voucher.
- Digital subscription services, like The Economist (Hannes would love this), Spotify (a music service) or a video streaming service, such as HBO GO.
- Tickets to a trip or an event. Concert tickets, movies, a hotel night or two, chocolate/cheese/wine/beer tasting, spa treatment or spa weekend or maybe a weekend in Paris.
- Charity. Donate a good cause in the receiver’s name and give them the certificate.
- You could buy a star! I know people who have done that. And it’s not even that expensive (I think it’s about 50 USD, and you can name it anything).
- An experience such as scuba diving, parachuting or getting to drive a supercar.
- A course. Maybe for some musical instrument, cooking or a language course.
- A photo album. Get your favorite digital photos developed and buy a photo album for them. If you only have very few photos, it might be a better idea to just develop the best one and get a nice frame for it.
- A good book. I know I mentioned gift certificates for books above, but sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing. For example, if the person liked the Harry Potter books, you could buy J.K. Rowling’s new novel, The Casual Vacancy.
- If you are good at it, anything homemade is always nice. A song or a special cake will please almost anyone!
- Redecoration! Do a home makeover. This can be anything from just rearranging the furniture to repainting the walls or just the kitchen cupboards.

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Beauty inspiration needed

Fyrinnae eyeshadow swatch: Wake Not The Dead in the pan

Right now I’m desperately looking for some new make-up and beauty inspiration, but nothing really comes my way!.. Do you guys have any tips for me? What are your favorite make-up trends and looks at the moment? Or maybe you have discovered some interesting beauty products recently? Anything, really.