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Hannes’ Hungarian Haircut

Hannes swedish haircut swedish love affairHannes has this thing for getting a haircut on his vacations. One reason is that he’s finally off school and work – usually he’s not very good at scheduling appointments at his hair salon, preferring to do other things whenever he gets time off.
It’s also a good way of experiencing something genuinely local, in contrast to many of the tourist musts. Some might shudder at the thought of walking into a random hair salon in a foreign country, but Hannes doesn’t take it too seriously and isn’t afraid to experiment. He reckons that the hair will anyway grow out again soon enough. He says his new Hungarian haircut is a kind of souvenir.

quick brunch food in budapest metro swedish love affair


Melissa Horn at Malmöfestivalen 2012

melissa horn malmöfestivalen 2012 swedish love affair

Melissa Horn at Malmöfestivalen, Malmö 2012

Hannes and I went to a concert tonight with Swedish singer/songwriter Melissa Horn at Malmöfestivalen, the yearly festival in Malmö. Melissa Horn has been one of the most popular artists in Sweden since the release of her latest album, Innan jag kände dig (Before I knew you), and I’ve been wanting to see her for a long time. Her songs are all in Swedish, but I’d say she’s kind of like a Swedish female version of Damien Rice (give her a chance if you’re into music like that).

I noticed that the majority of the audience was female. Most male spectators seemed to be brought-along boyfriends, looking rather bored and out-of-place.
At last year’s Malmöfestival, I saw NOFX live. If I remember correctly, the situation was pretty much reversed there. At that concert, it was mostly guys and some unenthusiastic girlfriends who had tagged along.

melissa horn malmö festivalen 2012 swedish love affair

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More Budapest Cakes at Gerbeaud’s

gerbauds bakery cafe budapest cake swedish love affairMore deliciousness from our trip to Budapest! One of the most exclusive cafés is Café Gerbeaud. It dates back to 1858, and when you sit in their grand dining hall, it’s easy to imagine being back in Budapest’s golden era.

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Budapest cafés and cakes

budapest cake europa cafe swedish love affairBudapest is famous for its many world class cafés. Hannes and I visited plenty of excellent ones, but my favorite was Európa Kávéház, located on Szt. István körút 7.
The interior is very nice, and the outdoor seating is really pleasant too, with a view of an old theater building. More importantly, their cakes are top class, and the Italian coffee they serve was probably the best I had on the whole trip. If you don’t have time to sit down, they have a separate store right next to the café, which sells cakes to take away.

budapest cake europa cafe hungary swedish love affair

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Going for the gold

An Italian Greyhound can run at 40 km/h (25mph). At that speed, they cover 100 meters in just under 8,95 seconds. This means that compared to Usain Bolt’s world record sprint of 9,58 seconds, Greger would only be about 7 % faster. That’s pretty incredible.


Shopping brunch and quick food in Budapest

shopping brunch in budapest coffee tea swedish love affairIf you’re in Budapest and feel like having a brunch picnic or a quick meal, you just have to look for the closest metro station. There are several chain stores offering a wide variety of sweet and savory pastries, with contents ranging from delicious apricot jam to traditional Hungarian sausages. My favorite metro coffee bar was called Princess.
Ordering is simple enough, even though they don’t have any menu in English. You just point to whatever pastry you fancy. If you want coffee, Hannes favorite kind was Hosszú kávé, similar to caffè americano. If you feel like a cup of tea, make sure they understand that you want hot tea specifically, or they’ll give you ice tea.

quick brunch food in budapest metro swedish love affair

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Sziget festival 2012: The Killers in Budapest

the killers zsiget festival 2012 budapest swedish love affairOn the plane flying to Budapest, I came across an article in the in-flight magazine on Sziget, Budapest’s annual music festival. I hadn’t realized that Europe’s number one major music festival would take place while I’m visiting, and when I saw some of the acts that would perform, I knew I had to go.
Hannes found out how to get tickets and which trams and trains would get usthere, and eventually we got there. So, amid all the classic Budapest sightseeing, I got to go see The Killers, LMFAO, Mando Diao and Leningrad among others!
All the concerts were great, but the performance given by The Killers was among the best I’ve ever seen. The band was fantastic, the whole crowd was ecstatic and I feel like that concert alone made this vacation twice as good!

LMFAO 2012 live sziget budapest photo swedish love affair

swedish love affair the killers live sziget budapest photo swedish love affair LMFAO live 2012 sziget festival budapest photosthe killers zsiget 2012 budapest swedish love affair
mando diao zsiget 2012 budapest swedish love affair
the killers live sziget budapest photo swedish love affair