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What do you call a ladybird in Swedish?

A ladybird is called a nyckelpiga in Swedish. It actually translates into “key maid”. Neither its Swedish or its English name makes much sense, as far as I can tell.
Even when you see these close-up shots, taken with my macro lens, you can’t tell where it has gotten these names from.


Gone swimming

So far, Sweden hasn’t had its best summer ever this year. In fact, the average temperature have beer far lower than normal, and we’ve had lots of cloudy and even rainy days. More people than ever have chosen to spend their vacation abroad, and the travel agencies in Sweden are all enjoying record sales.

I haven’t been bathing much at all. I love to go swimming, and in Gothenburg I have easy access to both lakes and the ocean, so usually that’s one of my favorite summer activities. This year, however, I haven’t been bathing in the ocean since I went for a naked swim on midsommarafton.
Until yesterday, that is. Yesterday I braved the low water temperatures and went with a few friends to the sea and had a refreshingly cool bath. I really look forward to the hot springs of Budapest in a few days’ time.

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Mashed potato

Here’s what I had for lunch today, grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and black truffle sauce. Lately I’ve been crazy about mashed potato! I think I eat it almost every day now.

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Melon skirt and Gestuz dress

This is how I looked today when I did some shopping and had dinner with Hannes.

I bought a new dress by the Danish designer duo Gestuz:



Fibes, Oh Fibes! live in concert, Gothenburg

Yesterday I went to a concert with Fibes, Of Fibes!, a soul pop band from Gothenburg. I had never seen them live before, but I like their music and I’d heard that they’re usually great live. Even though I already had pretty high expectations, I was blown away by these brilliant musicians.
The atmosphere between the band and the crowd was so tight, it wasn’t quite like anything I’ve been to before. The band members were all switching between different instruments, from drums to saxophone, from Moog synthesizers to the violin, and the front man knew how to share energy with the crowd. The bassist played a double-necked guitar which was half bass, half electric guitar. I didn’t even know those existed.
If you’ve never listened to Fibes, Oh Fibes!, you can of course find their music on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Their album 1987 won the Swedish Grammy pop award in 2009.



treehotel mirror cubeYou’ve probably heard about the famous ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, but did you know that we have another spectacular hotel up north called the Treehotel? All the rooms there are built up in the trees and are uniquely designed and sustainably built.
I’ve never been there, but if I ever go I’m going to choose the mirror cube. As you’d expect, it’s not exactly cheap. One night for two people is 4 450 Swedish kronor, which is about 530 Euros or 640 US dollars.

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Spare me the details

Here are a couple of photos of some new and less new stuff on my table today.

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