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Italian Greyhound names

Italian Greyhounds are sometimes referred to as I.G. for short, and some people say “iggy”. As a consequence, a pretty common name for Italian Greyhounds is “Iggy Pop”.
I’m almost certain that Greger is the only one of his kind who goes by that name.

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Never put a name on love

By the way, one of my favorite songs right now is Untitled by Fibes, Oh Fibes!. I hadn’t heard it before I went to their concert last week, and at first I thought they sang “our love is a title” when the line actually goes “our love is untitled”. 

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Stuck in the middle

Today both Hannes and I had a day off, and I wanted to take him to the ice-cream café situated right by the ice-cream factory. The portions there are huge and the prices are factory prices.
However, instead we got stuck in a sudden rain! We had to hide at the nearest coffee house and spend there about two hours talking and drinking coffee. I also had some carrot cake, which might be one of the best kinds of cake I know! Here’s my recipe.


Shopping for fabric

Today I’ve been out all day shopping for different fabrics for my sewing projects. Right now I’m learning to use my sewing machine to make simple things like make-up bags and doll clothes, but I also have plans on sewing pillow cases and clothes for humans (some day).

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New Tilda angel

Yesterday I spent all day making a new Tilda doll! Here’s the first one I made. This time I’m making a more advanced outfit for her, but now I have a sewing machine to help me.
Can’t wait to see what her face looks like!

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The 2012 London Olympic Games

I’m so excited that the 2012 London Olympics are so close. Since I almost don’t watch television at all, I don’t have my own TV, but my parents do, so I’ll be watching at their place. I’m probably going to watch more television over the next two weeks than I have all year.
The only other thing I’ve been following on television this year was the European Football Championship.
Last summer Olympics, in Beijing 2008, Sweden’s best contender, swimmer Therese Alshammar, had an embarrassing accident. Just as the race was about to start, she couldn’t close her bathing suit zipper. The other contestants started without her and she didn’t get another chance. It was horrible to watch.
She’s back this year, and is considered to be Sweden’s best hope for a gold medal.

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To the castle forest

Today I went for a walk with Greger in Gothenburg’s Castle Forest.

When we got there we ran around the forest for a while, and then settled down in the warm grass to have ice-cream. I should mention that today we finally had some genuine summer weather in Gothenburg.

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