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Sepia afternoon

I took some photos on my way home yesterday. This is was the first sunny afternoon after days and days of rain, and the summer sale had finally started, and the streets were full of people.


Stopping for fika

I’ve been meeting a friend in town all afternoon, having coffee and walking all around the city center. There’s a big sale going on in Gothenburg right now, but I didn’t even get the chance to enter any shops, because we were either having fika, or walking towards our next stop for fika.

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When you get what you want

After some thinking (and, of course, your valuable input) I decided to get the white watch. I was going to go and buy it today, but Hannes got there first and bought it to me as a present! I like it even more now.


YSL Wintergreen 43 nail polish swatch

Two things from today:
- I got a nice present from Hannes this morning (you won’t be surprised when you’ll see what’s inside)
- A swatch from my new YSL nail polish Wintergreen 43.

YSL nail polish Wintergreen 43 swatch

YSL nail polish Wintergreen 43 swatch

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French food in Sweden

Happy Monday everyone! I’m enjoying an early French breakfast out on the town. One of my favorite cafés in Gothenburg is called Le Pain Français. It’s actually a chain of cafés, so they’re easy to find if you are visiting.


Forza Italia or late night paint job

The match was a real nail-biter game, and only after a penalty shootout did Italy finally win. It was so exciting that I couldn’t even paint my nails. I could concentrate enough to remove the old nail polish, but I was too nervous to repaint them. So I had to do it later instead. I was looking forward to going to bed early, but ended up staying up with mum until very late instead.
Anyway, I’ve painted them in the Wintergreen YSL polish I got a few days ago. It looks gorgeous, I’ll show you a swatch tomorrow, when I can photograph the result in daylight.

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Update on UEFA European Championship

Greger is keeping his toes crossed that Italy will win tonight. After all, he's an Italian Greyhound!

Even though Sweden was among the first teams to be out of the 2012 European Football Championship, I’m still watching every match with great interest.
We’re now almost at the semi-finals. Spain will play against Portugal, and Germany will play either England or Italy, whoever wins tonight’s game.
Out of the teams left, I support Italy, since I have many friends who live there and I love to see Antionio Cassano in action.
Although, if I were to bet on it, my money would be on Spain and Germany to make it to the final. If it does come to that, I hope that Spain will take home the cup!