Monthly Archives: January 2012

Two below zero

Here’s me today, wearing my new shoes and all!


My favorite city on earth

Me in Rome - you can see the Collosseum in the background

Me in Rome - you can see the Colosseum in the background

Today I’m mostly jealous of my mum, who’s flown to Rome this morning! As some of you know, Rome is my all-time favorite city, and I used to live there for quite a long time. I’m planning to go back there soon, but for now all I can do is be happy for her!


Looks like we made it

Well, I did it. I finally finished my Tilda doll. I have a sense of accomplishment and I feel a little proud when I look at my craftsmanship, but I there’s also a kind of emptiness now that she’s done. I guess it’s often more about the journey than the destination. Hannes tells me I should just move on and suggests I make another one, or at least some more clothes for the finished Tilda.
I’ll show her to you tomorrow. I bet you can’t wait!


No treasure today

Today Hannes took me for a drive in our trusted Volvo. We went out in search for a good flea market. We found several, but sadly no good ones. It’s not much fun to go to flea markets that aren’t any good, but at least now we know where not to go back!


Tilda inspiration continues

Of course, Tilda has a lot of animal friends in her garden!


Red silk dress

I realize I’ve been talking a lot about dolls today! I just can’t stop, but don’t worry, I’m almost finished.

I’ve now sewn a dress for the doll. It’s pure silk, and I’ve made it out of my own dress. Personally, I think it came out very pretty. As for the doll herself, she can’t see it yet! I’m planning to give her a face tomorrow.


Tilda angel: rag doll inspiration from a book

Book about the Tilda doll angel: På landet och ved havet ("On the land and by the sea")

It turns out that many of the readers haven’t heard about the Tilda doll. She’s a very famous creation by the Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger.
Yesterday Hannes bought me a book about Tilda. Let’s have a look in it together for some Tilda inspiration!