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We have this new exchange student at university. A really nice Italian guy from Parma. We started talking the other day, and he told me his name was Gregorio. And then there was this awkward silence when I didn’t know if I should tell him or not!..


To wear green

I’ve noticed that green seems to be the it-color for the upcoming season. Especially the bright grass green and pastel green.

Green is not my color of choice. There are no bright green items in my closet at the moment (these days I’m more into khaki and dark olive green).
However, this wasn’t the case when I was younger. Above you can see a photo of me when I was 16, wearing a pair of green tights and a skirt sewn by me. It used to be one of my favorite skirts!

And what about you, do you like to wear green?



On Valentine’s and Lonely Hearts

It’s the last of January today. This means that there’s just one month left till spring. It also means that Valentines Day is near.
I’ve heard that user activity on matchmaking sites peak just before Valentines. Of course many people still frown at the thought of finding a date through an ad, but did you know that the parents of the current pope Benedict XVI met through a lonely-hearts ad? It was the pope’s father who placed the ad in the tabloid Bild, in July 1920. The issue still exists today, and here’s a translation of what he wrote:

“Middle-ranking civil servant, single, Catholic, 43, immaculate past, from the country, is looking for a good Catholic, pure girl who can cook well, tackle all household chores, with a talent for sewing and homemaking with a view to marriage as soon as possible. Fortune desirable but not a precondition.”

Pretty interesting, right? In case you wonder how I know this, I sometimes tell this story when I’m doing a guided tour of the Vatican. Mostly I talk about history and art, but I like to throw in some lighter material too, such as this anecdote.



I’ve just started using my new sketch book, the one I got from Isa for Christmas.
I’d say, the first page in a new book is always the hardest one to fill.


Skipping school

Today I’m studying at home. It’s been really cold outside today, so I’ve been skipping lectures all day, to be honest. I haven’t even been taking Greger out (Hannes has, of course)!

By the way, I want to bring to your attention a new blog called L.A. Girl Fancies. It’s written by Araceli, who happens to be a reader of Swedish Love Affair and one of the blog friends of mine. She writes well about fashion, make-up and other wonderful things in life. I like it a lot!


Swedish Love Affair proudly presents: Tilda

The images you’ve been dying to see are finally here! My Tilda angel inspired doll is done.

I made all of her clothing items separately, which means they’re not sewn onto her (which is often the case with a regular Tilda doll). So you can take them off and put them back on, or even make a new outfit!
I’m quite pleased with the result, and I hope you’re not disappointed with me either.


Papaya coconut

Today I tried my first ever papaya! Since I’d never tasted it before, I wasn’t sure about how to eat it. I first tried a couple of seeds. Their taste is hard to describe, but I can’t say I recommend eating them. The actual fruit tasted much better.

By the way, do you remember the Swedish pop sensation Dr. Alban? (I completely understand if you don’t, his career peaked in the early 90s) Anyway, one of his less famous songs is called Papaya Coconut. I just listened to it on Youtube, and suddenly I feel like having a coconut.