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Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year! No matter whether 2012 has arrived to where you are yet, I hope you’re celebrating it in style and having a lot of fun!

Let the new year be the best one so far for all of us.

Lots of love and best wishes,




9 hours left to 2012

One of my friends and I always go to the same café close to my house, and I always have the same yellow macaroon there. Right now there’s a Christmas edition of it!

Greger and Hannes are power napping while waiting for the New Year’s party tonight. I wish I could power nap every now and then too, but I just can’t. I either sleep much longer than intended or don’t sleep at all!


Hannes and I

Just Hannes and I a couple of days ago!


OPI Jade is the new black and China Glaze Papaya Punch

OPI Jade is the new black and China Glaze Papaya Punch

OPI Jade is the new black and China Glaze Papaya Punch

I haven’t bought anything on this year’s Christmas sale, but today I got these two nail polishes. These are OPI Jade is the new black and China Glaze Papaya Punch. I’ve never tried China Glaze polishes before, so I hope they’re good!

On the New Year’s Eve tomorrow I’m going to wear the OPI one. I’m also going to try out my new matte top coat finisher by ELF.

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Russian dinner

Last night Hannes invited me and some of his friends to a early New Year’s dinner. And even though I was one of the invited guests, I helped him to prepare the food. The theme was “Russian dinner”, and here are some of the things I cooked.

Stuffed eggs. I used different stuffings, such as two types of salmon, cheese, herbs or garlic.

Layered Russian pancake tower with 27 "floors"

Russian beetroot sallad called "vinegret"

On top of that I made stuffed meat rolls and pressed potatoes, and also a delicious dessert (will post a recipe soon!)


Alain Delon and Romy Schneider

My mum and I have just had a discussion about handsome men, and she thinks that Alain Delon is one of the most good looking actors ever. By the way, I often get to hear that I look a lot like one of his wives, Romy Schneider.


New year’s resolutions 2011: A review

Me at Trafalgar Square, New Year's Eve one year ago

New Year’s Eve is getting closer, but I still haven’t come up with my resolution for next year. Last year I actually set up several goals, and while I haven’t managed to fulfilled them all, I did keep some of the promises.
For instance, I’ve started powerwalking in the mornings and I’ve resisted cutting my hair all year. I’ve also spent less time texting, e-mailing and talking on the phone, and more on meeting people IRL.
Unfortunately, I still haven’t had the chance to visit Florence, and I’ve hardly played poker or Angry Birds at all. I think I will keep Florence as one of my resolutions for next year, while Angry Birds feels very 2010.