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Russian breakfast

Here’s what we had for breakfast today: Russian pancakes with caviar and champagne. This is typically Russian, yet a little bit special since we’re celebrating mum’s birthday.

The guests will be here later tonight, and right now I’m busy baking a birthday cake:)


IsaDora 728 Black Galaxy nail polish swatch

IsaDora 728 Black Galaxy nail polish swatch

IsaDora 728 Black Galaxy nail polish swatch, Holidays 2011 collection

Today I’m wearing my new nail polish by Isadora, Black Galaxy 728. To be honest, the swatch is not at all as impressive as its look in the bottle. Still, it’s a nice party nail polish, and today is perfect for wearing something like this!



Frida Kahlo: I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best

Frida Kahlo with her husband Diego Rivera

Not only was Frida Kahlo a great painter, but she was also a true style icon.
At a young age she was in a severe traffic accident and got seriously wounded, both physically and psychologically. Even though she had pains from her injuries throughout her life, she was very passionate about politics, feminism and art, and had countless lovers, both male and female.
The most important man in her life was, of course, her husband Diego Rivera, an  incredibly famous Mexican artist. In fact, most of her life Frida Kahlo was more famous as his wife than as an artist! Only to become recognized a couple of decades after her death.
Nowadays she is a renowned painter, and I think even those not interested in art know her face.

Frida Kahlo was born 1907 and died 1954 aged 47.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden 2011-2012


Greger’s new trick

Greger has learned a new trick! He will gladly help you to take your socks off. He seems to have taught himself how to perform this trick, at least nobody in the family will admit to having anything to do with it. The only downside is that he sometimes gets over-ambitious and tries to take your socks off even if you don’t want him to (when you are putting them on, for instance).

And he’s also tried to take off my jeans a couple of times. I let him do it once, just to give him that sense of achievement I know he loves.


Two Saturdays in a row

Usually I don’t like Sundays much, since it’s the last day of the weekend and Monday is right around the corner. But since I’ve taken tomorrow off to celebrate my mum’s birthday, it feels like getting another Saturday, which happens my favorite day of the week.


Two generations back

Mum did my hair the way her grandma used to wear it:)


Coffee and chocolate mood

I’m having a very slow Saturday. So far today I’ve been to a thrift store (I bought something which I’ll show you as soon as I can), painted my nails a new color and had a coffee and brioches with my mum. To be honest, it looks like this is going to be a great weekend!