Monthly Archives: November 2011

Presentation passed

The presentation went swell! No hiccups whatsoever, and our professors were completely satisfied with our written report as well. Now all I have left before Christmas are the final examinations. They will require harder studying than ever, but for now I’m going out to celebrate that our long-running project has ended so well.


Fürstenberg Gallery

Fürstenberg Gallery, Gothenburg Museum of Art


Things for breakfast

A breakfast consisting of different things from around the house. There are such things as mozzarella, meat loaf, French bread, tomatoes with basil and even a couple of boiled prawns (hiding behind the bread). And some fruit yogurt with that!


I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck

I bought these flowers. I don't know what they're called in English, do you?

Some of the flowers left from yesterday’s birthday. They are lighting up every room of our home in that special way that only the flowers from one’s beloved ones can do. In a couple of days, however, all the bouquets will be gone, so I’ve photographed them to make it last a little longer.


Driven by love

I just got one of those pleasant everyday surprises from Hannes. Every now and then he treats me with nice unnecessary things for no particular reason.
Today I got a new lipstick by MAC, it’s called MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Driven By Love. I’ve been looking at it for a while, and Hannes seems to have noticed it!



Back to reality

Today I’m leaving Gothenburg after a short yet wonderful vacation. I don’t want to leave to be honest, but the good thing is that the Christmas holidays are in a month, and I’ll be able to hang out with friends and family again soon!

I’m now back to reality and preparing for my big oral presentation tomorrow. I feel like I’ve forgotten all about my subject, and I don’t exactly look forward to getting reacquainted with it. But I know I’ll be well-informed and inspired in time for the presentation, so at least I have that to look forward to!


Birthday cake, mum and friends

Here’s the cake I baked for mum’s birthday today! It consists of three layers of sponge cake (like this one) and the filling is jam and berries. On the top I put a lot of whipped cream, chocolate flakes and pomegranate seeds.

Yes, it may be a simple cake, but it was a very good one indeed!

My mum always invites my friends to her birthday dinner as well! Wherever she is, she creates an amazing atmosphere around the table and makes it easy for everyone to hang out together.
In the above photo you can see my friend Leo. He happens to be a dedicated reader of Swedish Love Affair. Also, he has recently cut off his dreads and looks more handsome than ever!