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Exam on a Saturday

Ok, guys, thanks for wishing me luck! I’m off to my exam now, and I think everything should go well. The subject of the exam is Operations Research which is a mix of advanced mathematics and corporate finance, and it’ll take around five hours.

Talk to you soon,



Another kind of Friday

I have this super important exam tomorrow morning. I’ve studied a lot in advance, but today, instead of going through everything one more time, I’ve been a real domestic goddess! I’ve reorganized all my underwear, replanted some of my plants and even organized the files on my computer. Then I polished it all off by painting my nails with my favorite holographic Too Violet.
Luckily, I still have some hours in front of me.


Rose hips and Friday

Today I didn’t have time to get a big breakfast. All I had in the morning was a glass of oat milk, an apple and some rose hip tea (which is my favorite kind of tea).

And a couple of photos from today:

Happy Friday!


The best ways with your hands

Some easy tips to keep your hands soft and pretty:

- Wear rubber gloves whenever you do any cleaning around the house or do the dishes
- Apply hand cream after washing your hands
- Apply hand cream before going to bed. Ideally, put on cotton gloves afterwards.
- Get manicures – or do them yourself! If you’re a nail biter, this might be a way to get rid of that habit.
- Wear gloves outdoors if it’s cold
- Massage cuticle oil into your cuticles whenever you remember to
- Use sunscreen on your hands before you go out


Oat milk

There are not many brands producing oat milk in Sweden, Oatly is one of them

By the way, lately I’ve become a total convert when it comes to oat milk. I use it everywhere instead of regular milk and I drink it in the morning, too. Having a glass of milk with a meal is extremely common in Sweden, but personally I’m not a milk drinker. Oat milk, on the other hand, is a completely different story. I like it.

Also, Oatly products are developed by my university, which is one of the reasons I choose this brand.


Pumpkin: to carve or not to carve

Pumpkin the neighborhood cat

The other day I bought this cute pumpkin and thought I’d carve it for the upcoming Halloween. But now I’ve had it sitting on my window ledge for a while and I’m starting to feel that carving it only for decorating purpose is such a waste!..
I think I’ll leave it as it is and then maybe cook it when Halloween is over.

Are you planning to carve pumpkins for Halloween this year?


Things I never ever wear

Shout Out Louds Mejeriet Lund Concert 10Some of the things I never wear:

- Flip-flops – not even on vacation
- Belly necklaces and ankle bracelets (maybe I live in the wrong climate for that)
- Toe rings!
- Earmuffs (never seen anyone above 12 who looks good in those, either)
- Crocs
- Body piercings. I don’t have any and I would never get one (the same goes for tattoos). Earrings are ok.
- Souvenir t-shirts. At least in public. If I sleep alone I sometimes wear a t-shirt which says “Niagara Falls”.
- Overalls. Something called Onepiece is extremely popular in Sweden at the moment, but I think it’s most suitable for kids.
- Cargo trousers
- Cowboy boots (but I know people who can totally pull them off!)



 Things I never do makeup-wise