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Matching lips and nails in a retro inspired look

This is a closer look at what I wore yesterday, and I love this outfit and this hair (if I may say so myself). I’m also matching my lips and nails, as I’m really into this cool trend. Red looks classy, but I also want to try out other colors, like burgundy, brick, orange, salmon and pink.

Necklace, leather bag and belt – my latest thrift shop finds, golden top (which is a body) – mum’s old, skirt – River Island.


Today I am…

Today I am:

- Sporting a different kind of hair style with a chignon on top (sometimes I wear it like this)
- Having chocolate balls. I posted a recipe before.


Last days in Gothenburg

So yesterday’s picnic had to be canceled due to heavy rain, so we put it off. Today the sun is shining brightly, so I really hope it will keep doing so tomorrow too.
By the way, I’m happy to see in my visiting statistics that most of you are coming back from your summer vacations! My summer is almost over too, and I’m looking forward to having the time to update Swedish Love Affair even more often.

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Second-handed and second-handing

There’s a big second-hand market close to where my family lives in Gothenburg, and whenever I’m here I like to visit it. It was one of the things I did yesterday. I like looking for pretty and interesting things like rare china, good books and vintage jewelry. This time I also contributed with some clothes and shoes I’ve gotten tired of.
The ladies who work there do it for free, and all the profits go to good causes. They also run a café that serves breakfast on odd china and they make the best carrot cake I’ve ever had.


Dogtooth (Kynodontas) – a late film review

dogtooth Kynodontas Dogtooth - a late film review

Yesterday I went to the cinema with Hannes and we saw the Greek film Dogtooth (the original title is Kynodontas). It came out back in 2009, but had its premier in Sweden this June.
It’s about two parents that have created their own isolated world within their country home, where they are holding their three adult children in a tightly controlled bubble. The children are not allowed to leave the home, and have never known anything about the outside world. Their parents have made sure that anything that doesn’t exist within the confinements of their own home, does not exist at all in the children’s minds.
There are very strong sexual themes in the movie. To satisfy the male urges of their son, the parents have an arrangement with a prostitute who visits them regularly. She is the only one outside of the family who is ever allowed into their home, but she proves to be enough to greatly disturb the domestic balance.

Dogtooth has received the highest possible score by all the leading Swedish movie critics, and some of them call it “the best film of the noughties”. It’s quite a powerful film, and in some ways pretty scary at times. If you’re squeamish, you should probably stay away. If you don’t mind a strong theme and disturbing premise, and enjoy movies like Lars von Trier’s the Idiots, I think you’ll find Dogtooth interesting.


Rainy summer

I had this awkward-looking pastry yesterday (it had a lemony filling).

Today me and most of my friends who are in Gothenburg at the moment were going to have one last summer barbecue. However, the rain has been pouring all day, so we had to cancel our plans. Instead, we’re staying indoors and going out for drinks tonight.
I hope you guys are having a great weekend with perfect summer weather!


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Show love with no remorse and climb on to your seahorse

Top – vintage (second hand), chinos – Vila, seahorse – mum’s.

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