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Orange and cheese

Today I’ve had a cheese sandwich with orange marmalade for breakfast. It’s amazing how simple yet how good it is! I ate three of these this morning and now I’m thinking of having one with my coffee as well.


Celebrating a good deal

Yesterday Hannes and I were to a small dinner hosted by a friend, who recently sold his apartment. He got a really good deal and managed to sell it for even more than he’d expected. To celebrate this he invited us and a couple of other people to a home-cooked dinner and champagne, which felt both nice and appropriate.
Also, it’s nice to be back home at our own place and finally have access to my whole wardrobe! I have so many new ideas for outfits featuring my old clothes.

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Summer regret: missing Ringo Starr

The photo is pretty unrelated, but I'm just about to have coffee.

Even though I went to some truly great concerts this summer (Metallica, Slayer, The Ark, NOFX and Megadeth to name a few), my biggest regret this summer was missing Ringo Starr live at Liseberg. I didn’t even hear about it until the day after the concert. I love the Beatles so much, and here one of them is giving a concert in my hometown, and I missed it! And the concert was free of charge! I can’t quite forgive myself for this.
Anyway, my family was there and they enjoyed it throughly. Of course they also love the Beatles. Who doesn’t?


August 30

A friend

Now I’m going back to my studies. This summer has been great, one of the best ones so far! Although it was extremely short, I had the time to do a lot of fun things with my friends. I looking forward to going through my summer posts maybe some time in November, when Sweden is cold and dark, and remember all the things I’ve done.
Of course, I hope all of you had a good summer, and I’m glad to see that Swedish Love Affair is getting new followers again!


My latest thrift store finds, part 2. Accessories and Barbie.

Here are also some of my “new old” vintage (and soon vintage) accessories. All of these were bought in different thrift stores and second-hand auctions this summer. I’m wearing the plastic 80′s necklace and the burgundy bag in a previous post.
And I just didn’t have the heart to leave the Barbie doll behind! I loved them so much as a child.


My latest thrift store finds, part 1. Odd china.

I’ve mentioned before that every now and then I enjoy visiting thrift stores and garage sales. One of the things I always look for is nice china. I think using odd china pieces at home is more special than using regular china sets, and it gives a home a personal touch.
Of course, I like my sets too! This one is my favorite.

Here you can see some Bavarian porcelain pieces and some ceramic pieces by the Swedish brand Höganäs.


Catch me if you can

The City of Gothenburg recently founded a huge park built specifically for dogs and their owners. It has fences that go all around, so the dogs can run around freely. I haven’t had the chance to take Greger there yet, but today I feel I have to, since we’re both leaving town tomorrow.
Hopefully, there will even be other greyhounds there. No other dogs can quite keep up with Greger in his favorite game “Catch me if you can”.