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Russian mix

I’m wearing this dress for the first time today. Also, I love this Russian shawl – and there are so many ways to wear it!


Wearing fringe

Yesterday I’ve been sporting fringe all day. I liked it a lot (and so did other people!).
Back in the day I used to wear fringe all the time.


Mavala Simplicity nail polish swatch

Mavala Simplicity nail polish swatch

Mavala Simplicity nail polish swatch

Today I’m wearing the easiest nail polish in my Mavala collection. It’s called Mavala Simplicity, and it’s so simple it’s impossible to fail with it! It’s sheer and a milky, yet quite beautiful.


Liseberg – there’s something for everyone

I’m posting more pictures from Liseberg today, so that you can see how nice and cozy it is. It’s like a little city inside of a larger city (they even have their own tram!).
Some of the roller coasters there are just crazy, you’d love them.


Shortest summer ever

Yesterday I was out until late, so this morning I’m taking it easy, reading the morning paper and having a long breakfast.
By the way, I can’t believe how short this summer is! It has hardly started at all, and yet it’s the end of July already. Insane. Do you feel the same?


Elusive mushrooms

Today I’ve been with a couple of friends at the beach. We were bathing in the ocean and in the sun, and then we went to pick mushrooms. But, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. I know that you can train dogs to help you with this. I wonder if Greger would be up to the task.


Liseberg amusment park: the pride of Gothenburg and Sweden

As I’ve mentioned before, Liseberg is an amusement park located in Gothenburg and it happens to be the largest and the best amusement park in Scandinavia (and it’s one of the top ten amusements park in the world!). They also have the best wooden roller coaster in the world, Balder.

The official colors of Liseberg are pink and green, and the symbol of the park is a green bunny.

If you ever visit Sweden and Gothenburg, make sure to spend a day at Liseberg!
More photos are coming up.