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This time a year the nature is Sweden is absolutely breathtaking. We’ve been bathing in this beautiful lake all day, and I couldn’t get enough of the overwhelming silence and the magnificent view.


Excursion to the past

This weekend Hannes has taken me to the neighborhood where he grew up, and we’re spending these couple of days in the house where he used to live as a child. We’ve been looking through old family photos and school pictures, and listening to the old tapes with his song recordings. Also, the scenery here is beautiful, and this morning we’ve been out in his “home” forest picking wild raspberries.
This whole excursion to the past is making Hannes quite nostalgic, in a very good way.


Last of July

I’m celebrating the last of July partly by wearing Space Cadet by Orly on my nails (I’ve shown this one before). It’s a very powerful metallic duochrome (no, even a triochrome!) and is one of those daring statement nail polishes that define the whole look.


Cats and dogs

The cat has now finally found its owner, who explained that her cat was high on medication when it got lost. Greger is glad the cat is gone, because it has been occupying  his favorite sunny window all day!

Also, this cat’s name turned out to be Bamse and it was about twice as large (and as heavy) as Greger.



You know I’d give you everything I’ve got for a little peace of mind

This new cat from the previous post kept us awake all night! This and a bunch of other factors (like a really rough week and quite a few late nights in a row) just leave me wishing for a really slow and relaxed weekend. I don’t want to do anything for a couple of days.


Runaway cat

Last night we were out with Greger and found this fat cat! It’s obviously a runaway, as we found it sleeping in the middle of the road. We had to bring it home and now we’re looking for the owner. I hope this cat finds its home as soon as possible, because Greger is not too excited about the whole idea of having a cat around!


Spontaneous Friday night

Today I made another attempt to see the last Harry Potter movie, but last minute I got invited to a barbecue party and decided to go there instead. Hannes is here too, and we’re to going out to dance when we’re done here! Although, I’ve been out almost every night of the week, I know tonight it will be even more fun than usual.

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