Monthly Archives: June 2011

Flowers and bees

Here are some more photos from yesterday. My favorite shot is the first one.
I can hardly believe it’s finally summer and I’m enjoying every second of it!


Berry with me

Today I’m going on a day trip to a farm that specializes in berries. We will buy strawberries and we’ll even get to pick them ourselves!



Google recently updated their PageRank system, and Swedish Love Affair was upgraded to level 4! It’s considered high. Google itself, for instance, has level 9, which is the highest level a web page can reach.

Perhaps this doesn’t mean much to my readers, since it won’t change the content in Swedish Love Affair in any way, but for me it matters. You see, this is my first serious web page and I’m very happy to be acknowledged by Google in their PageRank system. A higher PageRank reflects good content, clever site management and loyal visitors, among other things.

The photos in this post are taken by my little brother Mattias. He insisted on me mentioning it.

Family recipe for facial mask with parsley

My mum recently showed me an old family recipe for a facial mask. My great great grandma used to mix parsley, sour cream, yogurt and oat flakes. The recipe is:

2 parts mixed parsley
1 part sour cream
1 part yogurt
1 part oat flakes

It’s said to soothe and tone the skin really well. With a dash of salt, it would make a great dip too!


Red or green?

The most common form of color blindness is red-green blindness

A friend of mine here in Gothenburg is color blind and can’t see the difference between red and green. I thought this would be a big problem when you’re driving a car for example, but he says that it’s definitely going to a public toilet that is most stressful for him. He explained that he can never tell if it’s occupied or not. At first he pulled on the door and found out that way whether someone was already in there or not. But whenever somebody was already occupying a stall, they got so irritated by him that he has now switched strategy. Now he always knocks to see if it’s free or not.



I am now staying at my family’s place in Gothenburg. This is the first summer I’m spending in Sweden in a long time (usually I go abroad), so I’ve been busy hanging out with old friends every single day. I get invitations from old friends every day to have dinner or a drink, or to go to the beach or go clubbing. There has been so many places to go and people to meet!


Continental breakfast

I’ve had a really late breakfast today, around 1 pm. Here’s what I had: Greek yogurt with strawberry jam and a deconstructed mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich!