Monthly Archives: June 2011

I just can’t switch off

Right now I’m on my way to meet up with some friends and go out. I’ve been going out every night the last few days. During the school year, I don’t have the time to go out more than a couple of times a week. Now though, during the holidays, I just can’t switch off!


He’s loving it

On really hot days like today, I really feel for all the dogs that just aren’t made for this weather. Yesterday I saw several dogs taking swims in a small lake. Greger, however, is loving the heat wave. Sometimes he just sits in the sun, bathing in the sunlight. I wonder if I should make him wear sunscreen…


Easy summer outfit solution

It’s been really hot in Gothenburg lately, I think the temperature was 28 degrees yesterday! When it’s this hot, the best outfit is the simplest one. I’m mostly wearing easy tops with shorts and skirts right now.


Walking shoes

I just bought a pair of new shoes! They’re from Geox, and I really like them. I love nice comfortable shoes that “breathe” and have a good sole. Fashionable heels can be great, but I walk a lot every day and I need “real” shoes that are made for walking.

By the way, I get this question sometimes, but I always forget to answer it. My shoe size is 36 (or 6 in the US) and sometimes 37.


Strawberry fields forever

As I’ve mentioned before, yesterday we made a day trip to strawberry fields situated just outside of Gothenburg. The farmers there sell their berries directly to consumers, with no middlemen. And you get to pick everything yourself! Afterwards they weigh whatever you’ve picked and you get to buy it.
This is one of my favorite summer activities!


There’s music and there’s people and they’re young and alive

The concerts yesterday were amazing! I love live music and I love it even more when it’s good. Right now I have another concert to look forward to – Metallica is performing here this Sunday, and there will also be Megadeath, Anthrax and Slayer! I can’t wait.

This is how I looked last night.


Where the action is

Now I’m back from picking strawberries and with me I have two large buckets of berries and a bunch of nice photos. I will post them here soon, but right now I’m off to a concert.
There’s a one day festival in Gothenburg today, it’s called Where the action is. There are some pretty good artists performing, and I’m mostly interested in seeing Coldplay and Brandon Flowers (although I’ve seen both live before).

Talk to you soon,