Monthly Archives: May 2011

Clothes recycled

Yesterday I went through my wardrobe and today, once again, donated a big part of it to charity. Well, there were at least two large bags with clothes and shoes. I put a lot of thought into buying clothes, and my motto is to buy things that I’m still going to wear in a year’s time. In my opinion, that’s the best way to build a sustainable and coordinated wardrobe. That’s why I rarely buy super trendy pieces just for one season. Nevertheless, I get tired of some stuff, and I’m glad there are ways to recycle it.


Sushi in Swedish (Rå Epok, Lund Sweden)

Sushi from Rå Epok, Lund Sweden

I don’t eat sushi very often, but every time I do, I go to the same place. It’s called Rå Epok (Swedish for “Raw Epoch”), and its philosophy is to use only local Swedish fish, such as trout, walleye and cod, to make great sushi. They are all about sustainability, and are constantly working to reinstate fish to the nearby waters. So far, they have put 1561 fish back into the sea, as can be seen on their counter.

To be honest, I didn’t even like sushi before I discovered this unique place!
What about you, do you like sushi?


Hard to concentrate

Good morning! Right now I’m having my breakfast coffee and a sandwich (cheddar and sliced apple – odd combination, I know). I’m in a surprisingly good morning mood, even though I have a whole day of math studying in front of me! It’s hard to concentrate on the exams in this perfect weather.


A great storage tip!

And speaking of Ikea, here comes a great storage tip from me! I bought this smart hanging device there yesterday. It takes up no more space in your wardrobe than a regular coat hanger would, but it holds at least 28 accessories. It has 28 rings in it, and displays my scarves perfectly! And I feel like I’ll use them more often now that I can see them properly.
Next time I’m at Ikea, I’m so buying one of these for Hannes’ ties! They’re always all over the place.


Swedish cinnamon buns and princess cakes

By the way, I’ve checked it and they do sell princess cake at Ikea! So next time you’re there, make sure you try it:) Of course, they have the classic cinnamon buns too!

Another photoshoot from Ikea at Swedish Love Affair: Home Swedish Home. It’s an old one.


Swedish location

I had a simple outfit yesterday: blouse – Massimo Dutti (I think) and pants – Zara. The location is Ikea!


See through me

I have a passion for silk transparent blouses and nice bras. And combined they make the perfect match! Here’s the latest addition to my wardrobe, it’s a silk blouse from the Swedish brand Smirk. And here’s an old favorite from Noa Noa.