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In bloom

Paris is not only warm right now, it’s also drowning in bloom and the delicate scent of blooming trees! This was such a pleasant surprise for me. This is what Sweden looks like in the end of May, on a warm year.


La Seine

Here’s me by the Seine. All books about Paris that I’ve ever read has something to do with this majestic river. I’m thinking Balzac, Stendhal, Remarque, Simenon or even Henry Miller.

All the photos of me in Paris are taken with my camera by my friend. For privacy reasons I’m not going to publish the photos of her here, but it’s only thanks to her that I have so many great photos of myself!


Picnic by the Eiffel Tower

The weather in Paris was absolutely beautiful! It was very warm, so we could dress very summery and eat outdoors. Of course, we had a picnic under the Eiffel Tower (thanks for the advice!). While we were there we got offered thousands of tiny replicas of the tower! I bought around ten of them or so.


Macaroons in Paris

When in Paris, of course we took every chance to eat macaroons! Everyone knows how bloggers love them, but the truth is they are just that good, and not overrated at all!


In the end of the day

My birthday celebration has just come to an end. I’m really tired, since I’ve spent half of the birthday in Paris and half in Sweden. Yet, I’m very satisfied and happy! I had a nice dinner with my family when some of my favorite friends made a surprise appearance at the door with beautiful presents and flowers! I got a lot of nice things and countless bouquets today! Just the way I love it (and who doesn’t?).
Tomorrow I’ll show you some of the gifts, although, to be honest, I have almost too much to blog about right now!

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Hello and thank you!

I’m now back from Paris! I’m glad to see Swedish Love Affair has worked as it always does and even got new readers and subscribers!
My Paris trip was amazing, and I took hundreds of pictures there. I will be posting them here and on Facebook.

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes and letters! Thank you! I’ll be having a birthday dinner now, and after that I’ll be back with a Paris post!


Small ancient fish

Here is another necklace, which I’ve made myself. In the middle there is an ancient Scandinavian symbol, and on its side there are small fish.

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