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Movie star move

I’ve been a little tired all day, partly because of the Oscars. And partly because Hannes has been playing his guitars all night. He has a lot of them, and it’s impossible to tell the difference between them. Now he’s working on a new song, and of course he only feels like writing it in the nights!..
So, yeah, I’m making a movie star move and wearing big shades today.


Amazon Kindle

Since a couple of days back I’m a proud owner of a Amazon Kindle ebook-reading device! You know how much I read, and I always read several books at the same time, so this thing is really helpful.


My highlights of The Oscars Gala

italian greyhound sleeping in bed swedish love affair

Not everyone managed to stay up all night!

Ok, I’m satisfied with the results of The Oscars. The King’s Speech got all the best Oscars, except I was really disappointed when Geoffrey Rush didn’t get one… Unfair, in my opinion he was brilliant. I really liked Colin Firth’s winning speech, too. Very touching, sincere and honest. He’s simply a genius actor (and a very nice person).

The make-up was regular red carpetish, but I still liked all the brown and bronze eyeshadows!
My favorite dress must have been Mila Kunis’ (oh, she is pretty! And the dress is Elie Saab Haute Couture), as I imagine I’d look good in it myself:)). I also liked Gwyneth Paltrow singing, and the dress she was wearing on the stage.

What are your thoughts after the gala? Dresses, movies, performances?


Watching The Oscars

glass ice creamI’m staying up and watching The Oscars tonight. It’s interesting to see all the dresses and make-up, and what the celebrities happen to say live. I hope The King’s Speech will win in every category it’s been nominated in!


Pippi and I

I’m really into all shades of mustard and dark yellow right now, especially in the details. Very refreshing after the winter all colored in gray and beige.

Here’s me with the neighbor cat, Pippi.


Posing for the camera

italian greyhound blends in with the environment swedish love affairPowerwalking with Greger is great. It would be even better if he didn’t insist on stopping and posing for the camera all the time. Then again, he blends in with the environment very well.


Hey Arnold!

hey arnold the movie poster swedish love affairJust wanted to share this. Hey Arnold! has been one of my favorite cartoons since many years back. It’s so clever, and adult – but in a pleasant and kind way. If you don’t know how to start your Sunday, then watch a couple of episodes. They’re short, and there are plenty of them on Youtube!

Here’s one of my favorite episodes of Hey Arnold!, it’s called The Little Pink Book!