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Special ideas for your love on Valentine’s Day

jewellry jewelry necklaces gold and diamond necklaces and earrings swedish love affairI got some requests to write a Valentine’s Day related post. Ideas to surprise your beloved one, gift ideas, what to wear, what to do, make-up, cuisine… Some of my readers seem to see me as a romance expert! I’m very flattered, and even though I’m not a pro, I do have some ideas – and I’m working on a couple of posts. They are going to be published during this weekend.

And meanwhile, I’m wondering – are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Do you expect your other half to surprise you? Or waiting for a special gift?<3



jewellry jewelry necklaces gold and diamond rings necklaces and earrings swedish love affairbijouterie peace sign and van swedish love affairjewelry jewellry swedish love affairjewelry jewellry swedish love affairPS. I did some window shopping last night to check out some Valentine’s Day gift suggestions. Hearts hearts hearts<3<3<3


Niche or selective perfumery, intro

niche perfumery selective trastevere rome roma shop store swedish love affairAs I’ve said before, I only buy niche perfumes. Once you discover the world of selective fragrances there’s no way back to regular high-end scents. The world of niche perfumery is wide and complex, and it takes time to study it and learn to appreciate it. At the same time is limited and restrained. The manufacturers are few, and you won’t find any ads with glamorous celebrities and models promoting niche perfumes. They are much more expensive than regular perfumes, being composed of unique and extra pure ingredients. These fragrances are usually made by talented perfumers tired of the conformist selection of perfumes presented on the market.

Everything can’t be written in one blog post, but I will proceed this subject later on. What I can say now is that today’s Dior, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, D&G, YSL and other designer scents are not in the same league as exclusive perfumes – it’s not even the same sport. Just a waste of money.
Some of my favorite selective lines are Annick Goutal, Diptyque and the Swedish Byredo.

niche perfumery selective trastevere rome roma shop store serge lutens la rose miel de bois swedish love affair

niche perfumery selective liberty london le labo new york swedish love affairniche perfumery selective liberty london le labo new york swedish love affair


Friday’s occupations

I happen to be free from school today, so my weekend has begun already! It has been a good Friday so far, which started with power-walking, as I mentioned before. Then I had a freshly baked tomato bagel with avocado and, well, tomato for breakfast. Then I got a bouquet of cerise tulips. Tulips are probably my favorite flowers and they’re a strong symbol of spring for me.

And now I’ve been to the baker’s and bought some pastries. Just about to have a coffee!


How to freshen up your manicure in 1 minute

gold golden polish shimmer glitter kiko milano swatch swedish love affairThis is what I sometimes do when I get tired of my manicure, but don’t have the time to redo it from scratch. This trick glams is up, and you’re ready for the weekend!
What you’ll need is a bottle of nail polish with glitter or shimmer. Mine is golden shimmer from Kiko Milano. Just paint a layer or two over your current polish and you’re done!

It’s an easy idea on how to freshen up your manicure in 1 minute.
Now, the weekend is just around the corner. Stay cool!


gold golden polish shimmer glitter kiko milano swatch swedish love affairgold golden polish shimmer glitter kiko milano swatch swedish love affair

PS. Greger wasn’t too crazy about all this.


An unusual morning

early dawn power walking in sweden swedish love affair

I borrowed Hannes jacket to be able to put on more sweaters underneath.

Good morning!

Ok, guys, I woke up really early today as I’ve decided to start power-walking. I hate running and jogging, so a friend advised me this alternative. It’s really cold outside, but I try to see it more as refreshing and invigorating. But it’s been pretty good, I had some music and a coffee with me (is that wrong, to bring coffee when power-walking?).
It was still a little dark when I went from home. It’s surprising how long you can get in just 40 minutes! I came out in the fields, with horses, where you could actually see the horizon. That’s pretty amazing for a city girl.


Sheer pink hearts

I’m going to a surprise birthday party, and this is how I look. The skirt and the bolero jacket with hearts are from the new organic collection by H&M. I’m so in love with the jacket!<3 The pink top is Stefanel and the tights are Wolford.

My yellow Chanel-like polish is still on – OPI polishes have an amazing staying power!


Sex and nudity

Eva Green in The Dreamers nude naked topless breasts swedish love affair

Eva Green in The Dreamers. In this film she gets even more nude than this.

As for this post about Love and other drugs, and particularly Anne Hathaway (I can’t believe she gets so much attention on my blog. She’s not even in my top 20 favorites.). I seem to have irritated many – I got quite a few angry messages defending Anne and her naked breasts.
And I think there has been some kind of misunderstanding. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking my words back – the film was awful. However, I don’t have anything against nudity and a sight of a pair of nice breasts. As for sex, I’m a big fan of it. Sex in a film?
- Absolutely! (Love and other drugs has it all: oral sex, intercourse, masturbation, threesome, home-made porn… Everything. Am I just advertising it now?).

But for me it completely depends on the caliber of the film. Eva Green naked in The Dreamers, Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut, Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet… The Idiots by Lars von Trier. I could go on further. These are all cases of art film or film as art.

Anne Hathaway naked in a mediocre romantic comedy is something different. I’d call it a sell out.