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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in London 2011

 trafalgar square, london christmas and new year swedish love affair

View of Trafalgar square, London

Before I knew it, New Year’s Eve is here! Tonight is usually all about finding the perfect outfit, the perfect make-up, the perfect party – everything that makes the perfect evening. Tonight I’m celebrating the New Year together with my family. We’re going to an excellent restaurant nearby our apartment where there will be good food, nice drinks, live music and  dancing. It’s been way too long since I last went out to dance, almost two weeks! Tonight I’m planning to make it up to myself.

If you are wondering about my New Year’s resolutions 2011, they are here.

How are you planning to celebrate tonight?

london parliament when a man is tired of london he is tired of life painting national gallery swedis love affair


Happy New Year 2010/2011!

Happy New Year best wishes 2010 2011 buckingham palace london swedish love affairAnd so, another year is coming to a close. 2010 has been a great year for me, and I’ve met a lot of nice people and made many new friends through Swedish Love Affair!

I hope that 2011 will be the best year ever for all of you. I will do my best to keep your spirits high the whole year. Happy, happy new year, my dear readers!




Trafalgar Square

christmas bokeh at trafalgar square london swedish love affairThere has been a lot going on today. First I made a visit to the Fortnum and Mason department store, which has become one of the symbols of London. They have an amazing collection of exotic and exclusive foods and wines, and I ended up buying a box of good chocolate and some cheese. Then I spent almost the whole afternoon inside the beautiful National Gallery. And lastly, before returning home, we went for a nice lager at a traditional English pub.
More to come about the visits to Fortnum’s and the National Gallery!



outside national gallery christmas  trafalgar square london swedish love affair
christmas at trafalgar square london swedish love affair


Fancy to share a lush bath?

Shower jelly Iced Wine, bath bomb Cinders and Lady Catrina soap - all Christmas products from Lush london swedish love affair

Shower jelly Iced Wine, bath bomb Cinders and Lady Catrina soap - all Christmas products from Lush

I don’t usually buy things from Lush anymore (I used to a lot, though), as in my opinion they are not as natural and organic as they’re claiming. However, they had half price on their Christmas stuff, so I thought it’d be fun to try out some things. I don’t mind spa cosmetics with cinnamon and ginger fragrance even after Christmas! I bought a bath bomb called Cinders, a shower jelly called Iced Wine (it’s very orange and wobbly in the jar) and a piece of soap called Lady Catrina soap, which smells of neroli and lime.

My whole room smells like a Lush store right now, and Hannes says this smell reminds him of his childhood.. Hm, some pretty weird childhood memories to me, but after more that three years with him I’ve stopped questioning these things.

What about you, do you like Lush?



Shower jelly Iced Wine, bath bomb Cinders and Lady Catrina soap - all Christmas products from Lush london swedish love affair

Lush beliefs anf policy making mistakes sharing showers perfume make mistakes swedish love affairPS. I agree with their policy, though. The part about sharing showers and making mistakes especially.


The search for Hugh Grant continues

regent street london swedish love affairI have now been in London for 5 days, but I still haven’t seen Hugh Grant, or any other celebrity from my list for that matter. At this point, I’d be willing to settle for less, just bring me some classic British celebrity, please! To increase my chances of bumping in to one of these people, we went to one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. I love Gordon too and would happily meet him, and we thought that other celebrities probably go there to eat. It worked!

Just as we were giving up and were ready to leave the restaurant, in walked Matthew David Lewis , the actor who plays Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies (I think it was him. He looked like Neville, only older)! Better than nothing. I still have got my fingers crossed in hopes of meeting Hugh, though.


There’s something in the water

anthropologie head flower pink rose london swedish love affairI love London in almost all possible ways, but I do have some complaints. I think there’s something in the water here (or in the air). I never have any problems with my hair, nails or skin, but here it’s just the opposite. My nails break off as soon as they have grown a tiny bit (no manicure this week!), my lips are always chopped no matter how much lip balm I use, my hands are constantly dry, and so is my hair. In fact, it took me half a bottle of conditioner to untangle it this morning! The water is that hard (my regular shampoo hardly lathers at all!). I guess I must be spoiled with the soft Swedish water and how clean it is, or something. In that way I’m longing home to Sweden a little. But still, love London!

anthropologie head flower pink rose london swedish love affair


Liberty of London cosmetic purse

Liberty of london cosmetic purse swedish love affairHere’s the Liberty of London cosmetic purse I got. When I saw it, I just couldn’t leave without it! We actually got two of these, but the second one is for Hannes’ mother. I like how Liberty’s stuff is really unique, and you can only buy it in this very store on Regent Street!

Liberty of london cosmetic purse swedish love affair