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Old ladies with cupcakes

jul christmas gothenburg haga swedish love affair swedenI’ve just been to the first Christmas fair this year! The atmosphere there was wonderful, people were buying gifts, laughing  and drinking warmed up spicy Christmas wine. I love watching other people, and I thought I’d share it with you today. gothenburg christmas fair haga swedish love affair jul christmas fair haga göteborg gothenburg market marknad swedish love affairchristmas cake swedish love affair raspberry blueberryswedish love affair cameraman nikon cupcakes christmas swedish love affairchristmas present wrapping swedish love affair


Places passing me by

city shoreline sweden swedish love affairRight now I’m on my way to Gothenburg, my home city, to celebrate my mum’s birthday. Here are some views passing by my train window!

How’s your Saturday? Updates are coming up!countryside horses sweden swedish love affair båstad winter swedish love affairnuclear power plant swedish love affair winter houses båstad swedish love affair


New things and revelations

Some random pictures from today. This is what I got today, the Kanebo Sensai Loose Powder in Translucent. I will show you a swatch later, but for now you have to trust my word, it’s wonderful. Like Photoshop in a jar, even though it’s translucent. I also got a couple of gifts from Hannes, but they’re not for the blog!..

Also, today’s photo of the hyaciths! See how they are growing, and all they need is water=)

And, today I received my package of ear plugs! 50 pairs, 3 dollars – ebay is such a great place! In case you didn’t know (and of course you didn’t), I always have ear plugs in my ears when I sleep. There, I’ve just said it. But you guys do weird things too, right?..


Warm each other

italian greyhound hoodie swedish love affairToday, despite the anniversary and everything, I’ve spent the whole day at school, calculating risks and returns of stock portfolios. Now I’m finally home, and I can tell Greger has missed me a lot, because as soon as I sat down he jumped up on me and fell asleep. In fact, he always sleeps with me at night, either on my stomach or on my back. That way we can warm each other<3

Sorry for the not-so-glamorous outfit! The hoodie belongs to Hannes, but it’s so large that both me and Greger can wear it at the same time!

Now I’m curious, do you wear the same clothes at home as when you’re out, or do you have special home clothes?italian greyhound hoodie swedish love affair sleeping sleeps

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Promise at dawn

snow sweden swedish love affair I read a lot. I don’t even think about it, because it’s such a natural part of my days. However, currently I’m reading a book which has touched me more than any other book has in a long time. It’s Promise at Dawn by Romain Gary (real name Romain Kacew). He’s  a famous French writer, and I’m a little ashamed I’ve just discovered him now. Promise at Dawn is his memoir, where he describes growing up with his mother, and how her belief in him helped him to succeed in life. I always used to think of memoirs as something tame, something I’d read when I grow old! Yet, this book makes me cry hard and laugh even harder, and I already can tell Romain Gary will join the list of my favorite authors!

Interesting fact: Romain Gary is the only author who received The Goncourt Prize (one of the grandest French literature prizes)  twice, which normally would be impossible, as by the rules a writer can only get it once in a lifetime. However, the second time he got it, he was writing under another pseudonym, so the academy didn’t know it was him! When they found out, it was to late.

In a week it will be exactly 30 years since Romain Gary shot himself.

What’s your current read? snow sweden swedish love affair 1snow sweden swedish love affair 2


Three hyacinths

hyacinth white blue pink window swedish love affairI bought these three hyacinths, as in Sweden it’s one of the most Christmasy flowers there is. The colors of the pots show the colors of the future flowers. You’ll be able to follow their growth here on Swedish Love Affair:)


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt1

harry potter quote swedish love affairI’ve just been to the cinema and finally saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt1. Just so you know, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and I’m not just saying. I just don’t want to creep you out by proving it . I must say the 2.5 hours went by very fast, and before I knew it Voldermort was pointing his wand in the sky and the movie ended.

There were some things that I liked and some that I didn’t. I hope you don’t mind spoilers!

Things I liked:

- Ron. I really like this guy, the way he looks, the things he does and the way the brilliant Rupert Grint plays his part. The bit when Hermione is mad at Ron and he’s trying to fix it reminds me a lot of my own boyfriend after a fight. I think the UK is lucky to have Rupert Grint, and I’m expecting to see him in many other films to come.

- Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy (as Severus Snape and Rufus Scrimgeour). Two exceptional actors, who act with their voices so skillfully, that you don’t even need to see the screen to get goose bumps. Both of them can be seen in one of my favorite movies Love Actually.

- Hermione and her hair. After seeing Emma Watson in her new pixie haircut I wanted to run and chop off my own hair. But now when I saw the “usual” Emma, I think I like it better.

- My favorite scene of the film was definitely the dance between Harry and Hermione. Nothing else has moved me as much, not even Dobby’s death.

Things I didn’t like:

- Some scenes were really tasteless. Like the sex scene Ron saw while destroying the horcrux. I mean, Harry and Hermione were actually naked, oil smeared and shiny, touching each other! Hello, Twilight and Mr Pattinson!

- Also, the way the feelings between Ron and Hermione were illustrated. No reading between the lines, offendingly obvious – we get it, ok!

- Ralph Fiennes might be a great actor, but as Lord Voldermort? Not scary.

- I’m afraid Daniel Radcliffe will forever be known as Harry Potter. No bright acting future here, unfortunately. And I’m not being mean, in fact, I used to have a crush on him when I was young.

- I want to see more of Snape!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Have you seen the movie yet? Please, tell me what you think:)