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On being divine and immortal

crocus saffron swedish love affair lussekatter lussebullar saffran krokusSaffron, a spice derived from the heart of a crocus, is the most rare and expensive spice in the world. By weight, it’s more expensive than gold. However, tons of it are consumed by the Swedes this time a year. The thing is that saffron, along with cinnamon, more than anything else, means Christmas in Sweden.

Spices in general have meant a lot for the development of Europe through ages and the discovery of new places in the world (we’re talking about 500 years back), but saffron is one of the most mythical ones. The legends go back thousands of years b.C., and according to them saffron works as aphrodisiac for women, cures deadly illnesses and makes you partly divine if you eat it. Eating a lot of it would make you immortal. For counterfeiting saffron (which, obviously, would be highly profitable) women got buried alive and men got stoned to death.

With very low hopes of becoming divine or immortal I bought myself a package of saffron today. Tonight I’ll be baking something typically Swedish!saffron saffran santa maria clementines klementiner swedish love affair


Snow is not for everyone

fur jacket lanvin for h&m italian greyhound swedish love affairNow that it’s really cold outside Greger prefers to stay home. Every time he sees me or Hannes putting on our jackets he runs and hides in the bed under the blankets or under the couch. He’s just so afraid we’ll make him go out in the snow! Of course, every now and then we take him out anyway, and he knows immediately what he has to do. He does all his things really quickly and then he runs up the stairs and waits by the door, shaking.

My mum is working on a small coat for Greger. And I’m considering buying a pair of small doggy shoes for him, do you think that would look stupid?fur coat lanvin h&m swedish love affair jacket

I’m wearing my Lanvin for H&M fur jacket!



I see that lately a lot of new readers have joined Swedish Love Affair. This makes me very happy and I want to welcome you all! I’m glad you like my blog and it only makes me want to write more often!

I’ve recently been participating in a blog contest, which I didn’t win. But it doesn’t matter because when I saw the number of votes I got from you it was the best prize I could dream of!  More than 100 votes! Thank you very much, guys<3


Brunch in a castle

candles burning christmas julbord swedish love affair Yesterday the whole family went to a nice brunch restaurant in a small castle (there’s actually one right by where we live!). They had a buffet of simple but good food and a lot to choose from, so everyone could find something they liked!passion fruit brunch smorgasbord swedish love affairchocolate mint drops kisses swedish love affairhard boiled eggs peeled bowl swedish love affairshrimps gothenburg brunch smorgasbord swedish love affairsmorgasbord castle restaurant gothenburg skansen kronan swedish love affairwaffle making breakfast brunch batter swedish love affairswedish waffles waffle machine breakfast brunch swedish love affairwaffle waffles skansen kronan jam brunch breakfast swedish love affairwaffle jam whipped cream skansen kronan swedish love affairmint in eye freaky boy swedish love affairantonia swedish love affair brunch weird man mint eyes brunch swedish love affairlottery triss trisslott trisslotter svenska spel swedish love affairantonia soup container bowl steam swedish love affair brunch bread butter bakery christmas swedish love affairchristmas tea sharon gingerbread cookie heart swedish love affairgingerbread cookie christmas passion fruit chocolate mints sharon swedish love affairboy candle light looking swedish love affaircoffee container smorgasbord swedish love affairorchids colors white violet small swedish love affair


Hello, Monday!

lancome hypnose black eyeliner swedish love affair

Hypnose by Lancome mascara with eyeliner and eye make-up remover

A fast update! I’m back from Gothenburg, and even after spending just one day there I already miss it a lot. It’s one of my favorite places, definitely in my top 3 cities. Some day soon I’ll make a virtual guide through Gothenburg and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

I’m really longing for tonight, when I can finally answer all you comments, e-mails and read my favorite blogs! I’m also preparing a lot of new posts. I’m dying to read what you’ve been up to during the weekend!

Also, a question for my female readers (well, mostly!). Are you a Diorshow by Dior kind of girl, or do you prefer Hypnose by Lancome? I think most of the girls I know can be divided in those two categories! Or do you use some other mascara?

hyaciths white blue pink hyacith swedish love affair winter

The hyacinths are growing, and I think the pink one is about to win the contest!


A little something for me

noa noa danish design gift wrapping swedish love affairEven though it’s my mum’s birthday today, she still had a present for me! Earrings from  Noa Noa, so pretty! She always prepares a little something for me in time for my next visit.noa noa midnight blue earrings  swedish love affairnoa noa midnight blue earrings  swedish love affair

This post reminds me a lot of this one, check it out!


A family on the mountain

family skansen kronan göteborg gothenburg swedish love affairToday is mum’s birthday, so as a part of the celebration the whole family (except Greger) has visited a great brunch restaurant, situated in a small castle up on a mountain! It was very romantic, and we had a great view accompanied by a lot of delicious food. I took many pictures that I’m going to post here soon, but for now take a look at the best part of Gothenburg and my family!Gothenburg göteborg oscar fredriks kyrka swedish love affairCannons göteborgs kanoner gothenburg boy playing swedish love affairswedish love affair antonia orange scarfgothenburg city overview linne göteborg linné swedish love affairoskar fredriks kyrka church gothenburg göteborg swedish love affair