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This is for you

I know I’m a couple years late with this, but yet, it’s still worth mentioning. This is for you is a book about love, life and childhood – while being a masterful piece of art! How can you not love Rob Ryan (I’ve been following his blog for many years now) and his cut-outs?

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There are many loves, but only one obsession

Here’s what was in my gift from the previous post! As you see, it’s a perfume, Obsession by Calvin Klein! This was such a perfect suprise – as you remember, I’ve been going on about how I was in a desperate need of a new fragrance. This is all I dremt of and more! Think autumn, femininity and lust blended with amber, wood, oriental spices and musk. This fragrance goes well with whiskey, roasted coffee, warm leather and naked skin. Basically, it’s sex poured into a bottle, and it’s been sold since 1985 (I wasn’t even around back then)!

I rarely fall for “the newest fragrances” on the market, to me it’s not about trend and fashion. It’s more about the story, the ambience it creates and the personal chemistry.  As for Obsession, I love how it feels… me!



Today I had my Name day, which is a pretty big thing here in Sweden! I got some greetings when I woke up, and after that me, Hannes, my mum and my brother went to Malmo. We spent there all day. And to celebrate me the four of us visited the (officially) best café in Sweden, which happens to be situated in Malmo. It’s interior consists of rare antique furniture and old paintings on the walls. And, naturally, they have the best coffee in the country!

Here’s Mattias, my little brother! He is seven.

I received a Name day present from Hannes!

I was so excited about it!

It was just what I wanted.. But i’m not going to tell you what it was just yet=)

Here’s my mum, one of the most intelligent and beautiful women I know!

She did some knitting today! She is very artful, here she’s making a present for one of her friends.

They had some advanced coffee making machines, I can see why it was so good!

And that’s it for now! Hope your day was just as good as mine!

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At the library

Today I’ve spent all day in the library studying, nothing glamorous about it really. But the library building itself is quite beautiful, all covered in red ivy this time of the year. This library is one of the oldest ones in Sweden, and by the way it looks you can tell it’s filled with old dusty books and long-forgotten stories!


Going green

To the eye, green is one of the most soothing and calming colors, and even though you will rarely catch me wearing it – I love having it around!

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Alors on danse

Right now I’m listening to Alors on danse by Stromae. I’ve been listening to this song all summer (along with We no speak americano, of course) and I love it. I love his voice, the melody and how groovy this song is, I could listen to it all day! It’s such a shame I have no clue what it’s about! I guess, it’s something about dancing? I should really look it up.. I speak several languages but, unfortunately, French is not one of them!

The sweater is from Zara (dogs and children love those balls!), jeans – Diesel

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…but the memory remains

swedish love affairWhen I was younger I used to keep a diary. I think I used to spend at least a quarter of an hour writing it every night. I mostly wrote a summary of the day, and also described the boys I was in love with at the moment. I always picked someone to be in love with (usually someone from my class or one year above), and sometimes I even had several “victims” at the same time. Of course, I never told them about my feelings and plans (yes, I was very serious about it and had long-going plans about each one), but I did cover pages with my thoughts about these guys. I was about eleven to twelve years old back then, but it’s still great fun to read it occasionally. Sometimes when I read my old diary I wish the older me could talk some sense into the younger me!

Today, being old and everything, we have no time (or honesty) to write down things like that. Here’s something I bought the other day though. It’s a kind of diary called “One line a day”, where you can summarize your days in just one line, and the book lasts you five years. I bought it for a dear friend of mine who loves things like that, and I hope she’ll like this one too!swedish love affairswedish love affairswedish love affair

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