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I hope you’re having a scary Halloween!

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a scarecrow tonight!


Just once again

There’s just one day of October left!  But, of course, you can support the breast cancer research all year round!

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I may not be a large dog, but I am a very long one!

Here’s Greger with his favorite toy, which is a cat. Like any other dog he just loathes cats, but he is very afraid of them, too. So this is the only chance for him to get back at them – to rip the fur out of  a stuffed cat! This particular cat is named after me, Catonia (Cat+Antonia)!

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Some things from today

Bronze green 155 and Daring pink 159 by Mavala

Say hello to my two new babies! These are from Mavala’s autumn collection, I got them yesterday. Now that Chanel’s Khaki polishes are out, green on the nails feels more right than ever! And crazy fuchsia pink has never been wrong!

A swatch of Daring pink 159 by Mavala in the daylight (I'm wearing it today)

Lindt's blueberry chocolate - I think I'm in love!

And here’s another thing I’ve treated myself with, just so you know! I love Lindt chocolate, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried the one with blueberry!

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Let me rock you like a rodeo

Let me start by saying that I’m not very prudish. In fact, I’m not very prudish at all. It takes a lot to make me blush, and I’ve always been open for suggestive and provocative talks (and looks)! Everyone who knows me in person can tell you it’s hard to make me feel uncomfortable. Now, have you heard this song Bumpy Ride by Mohombi? If you haven’t heard it by now, I can’t imagine where you live! I think it tops every single radio tracklist right now! It goes like this: I wanna boom bang bang with your body yo.. I hear these words wherever I go these days – shops, university, driving in the car! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a moralist and I don’t mind sexual references in a song, I actually enjoy them (I love Fergi!). But seriously, is playing it everywhere really appropriate? I mean, old ladies can hear it, for God’s sake! When I hear the words Girl let me rock you like a rodeo (its gonna be a bumpy ride), I can only think of one thing and it’s something pretty indecent and raw!

Well, I just youtubed the video for this song, and it actually shows hot girls riding buggy cars on a… bumpy road! Hm, wonder if it’s just me who’s way too dirty then..

The jacket is from Topshop (though, it’s quite inspired by the aviator jackets by Burberry!)


Cows and people

We woke up really early today, so we took the car and hit the road, looking for some adventures or, at least, some beautiful sights. We drove out of the city, past forests and lakes, and eventually we came out to the open fields. There were green fields as far as the eye could see,  and not a person or a car in sight. Nevertheless, there were cows. There were twenty or thirty of them, with their baby calves and everything, standing in the middle of the road, staring and not letting us pass. So we started to beep the car a little, hoping they will move aside and let us drive. But nothing happened, they just kept standing there and staring. So I came out of the car, taking the opportunity to get some snaps. I could see the curiousity in their eyes, as they got closer to me. And then, as the flash on my camera went off,  they all jumped aside, frightened, and ran out of the way! I don’t know about you guys, maybe you deal with cows on daily basis. As for me, I’ve never even been this close to one! But personally, I think if I was a cow I would be more afraid of beeping cars rather than camera flashes!

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Pale is the new tan!

It’s been really sunny today, so I took a chance to stay outside. When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time in the sun, and I still do when I can. But these days you will not catch me outside the house not wearing a high spf! Maybe I’m all brainwashed with all the damage caused by the sun rays, or maybe it’s just that being tan is quite uncool nowadays – unless you naturally are!

Cardigan – Odd Molly, dress – my grandma’s, shoes – Zara, bag – Mulberry, necklace is a gift.