2nd birthday

Johannes has recently turned two years old! We hosted several birthday parties for him, because there were many people who wanted to celebrate him, but he’s still a bit too young to be able to process a huge feast, and we would be risking to end up with a disaster. That’s why we decided to split his guests into groups and have an intimate celebration with each on the groups. That turned out to be a great idea and also resulted in several birthday cakes instead of just one!

By a happy coincidence my new COS dress perfectly matches the traditional Princess cake on the photo above!



Hey guys! I hope your winter holidays have been great! Our Christmas tree is still up, spreading its needles all over the place. And, to everyone’s pleasure, Santa keeps leaving small presents for Johannes under it to this day.

I just finished reading Robert Galbraith’s recently published second novel called “The Silkworm”, which is the sequel to “The Cuckoo’s Calling”.
J.K. Rowling, who writes under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith is a great storyteller, and while I thought “The Silkworm” was good, I kind of expected more of book written by her (I guess, starting with a clean slate with no expectations from the readers is one of the main reasons writers chose to work under pseudonyms!). Somehow I didn’t feel much compassion for the main characters and, without giving away too much, I found the ending quite predictable. Although, that might just be me having read too many detective stories over the years.

And on a different note, I just saw that Pantone pronounced marsala the color of the year 2015. Finally a nice and flattering color of the year! I guess now we’ll be seeing a lot of this brownish wine shade in fashion both high and low. Everything from bordeaux and burgundy to oxblood will be widely available, and I’m so jumping that train!


Happy Sunday everyone!


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Leave your windows open to let the forest in

We live very close to a forest. You could even say we live in a forest. Not a park or anything, but a real Swedish forest with deer, foxes, owls and creatures.
And whenever I open my kitchen window, there’s a risk a bird from the woods flies in! Like it did this morning.

At least, this is a small one. Last week there was a woodpecker trying to get in!


Christmas begins with you

Christmas puzzle

Some people I know consider it poor taste to start Christmas decorating before December, but I don’t agree. I pretty much start preparing for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over. There are two main reasons; one practical and one emotional.

In October the sun shines only about 9 hours a day here in Gothenburg, so most of the time it’s completely dark. And we only see less and less light until mid-December. I find that Christmas decorations do the best job of compensating for the increasing darkness.

The other reason is simply that I enjoy Christmas so much, I want to extend it as much as possible. To save all the celebrating for just one or a few days just seems like such a waste of joy.

However, I’m far from done with my preparations. In fact, I haven’t even decided whether to go for a real Christmas tree or a plastic one. Although, I am leaning towards a nice plastic tree. It just seems so much more practical, considering all the running around that goes on in my house these days.


“How to marry a Swedish woman”. Or man.

I get so many nice emails from you guys! Every now and then someone decides to drop me a line saying something kind. Even when I was absent from here, people stumbled upon my blog and told me how much they liked it – daily!

However, I get so many odd letters, too. People read this article on dating in Sweden (which is the most popular article on this site, it gets thousands of hits every week). Then they notice the name of the website. To them, the words Swedish Love Affair must be suggesting it’s a dating site.

Not only do some strangers wish to “get to know” me better. Some are also asking me about “hooking up with a Swedish woman”. Or a Swedish man. “How to marry a Swedish woman?” is a common question, “how to marry a Swedish man?” is another. Yeah, if I knew the answer I would have done it already, wouldn’t I? Haha!

Some people send me short versions of their biographies and attach photos to make it easier for me too hook them up with someone. They all tell me they’re nice and kind people. Maybe I should start an agency? Swedish Love Affair – dive into a love affair! That would be my slogan.

No, seriously. I’m considering filtering my email so it would sort out certain keywords. ‘Marry’ would be one of them for me.


You will always be my baby

I’m afraid my Johannes is not a baby anymore. Obviously, he’s still my baby. But look at him! He looks big. He is not even that fat anymore, not the way babies usually are. I think that’s because he’s become a boy now.

He likes to do things traditionally referred to as ‘boyish’. Throwing stones, breaking sticks, digging dirt with his new shoes, driving cars and crushing them against the wall and other things like that.

He wants to be fashionable, too. He insists on wearing this knitted beanie and a quilted jacket! At least I’m happy he can’t grow one of those huge bushy beards just yet. The one every somewhat trendy guy is wearing in my city at the moment. Is it the same where you live?


Vintage doll bed makeover

I found this vintage doll bed at the attic the other day. It must pretty pretty old, maybe 30 years or so.

It was in a shabby condition with the white paint peeling everywhere, but it actually looked shabby in that nowadays fashionable manner. The way it looked it could  fit in one of those small interior and toy boutiques usually placed in the old town of every large city.

At first I wanted to leave this bed as it was, but then I decided that it would be more play-friendly if I refreshed the paint. After all, I wanted it for Johannes. So he could learn that even his toys need sleep sometimes, and maybe become more enthusiastic about going to bed at night himself.

So I gave the doll bed two coats of paint (which wasn’t too easy, since it’s pretty detailed). I sewed the bedding (hand quilting right there!). I gave felt pads to each foot of the bed so it wouldn’t scratch our wood floors when Johannes moves it around.

And then there was one morning when Johannes saw his new doll bed standing in our living room with the stuffed animals sleeping in it.

I’m not going to lie and say that he loved it. He didn’t. It’s turns out that he actually hates the idea of the the toys sleeping and whenever he sees a toy lying in there (I didn’t give up easily) he gets really mad and throws it out.

He only accepts the bed as a pushing wagon for him to sit in and for me to push around the apartment. Well, in that case at least I’m happy we’re not scratching the floor while “driving” the bed.